Importance Of Muhurat in starting the Education of Child

Importance Of Muhurat in starting the Education of Child

Vidya rites are one of the sixteen rituals of Hinduism. When the age of a child becomes eligible for education, then their induction in school is performed. On the other hand, through the ceremony, the child is encouraged to study, parents and teachers are made aware of their pious and great responsibility so that they can provide the child with alphabetic knowledge, subject knowledge and the sources of a superior life. Also, keep in the awareness and practice.

Numerous guardians spontaneously take a perusing rightful inheritance now though and before by visions and get a judgmental awareness conceived of the child’s perspective. However, according to the Best Astrologers of India, similar to the concept like muhurat for griha Pravesh, the Muhurat for Vidyarambh is very crucial.

Significance of Muhurat Education of Child

When schooling should begin and what will be the opportune time for it. Via astrology, this is explained by considerable detail. A thorough study is carried out to decide which period is ideal for beginning studies. Which educational sector will suit It has also been studied intricately.

The significance of starting the education is to acquaint the kid with the underlying degree of training. Based on the figuring of the birth chart, planets, groups of stars and so on of the child, the optimistic time is termed by the researcher Jyotishacharya for the initiation rituals, which is called Vidyabharam Sanskar Muhurat.

Like all other rites, it is very important to have auspicious time. Knowledge makes the life of the child highest and best. It should begin with the blessings of the gods and parents. In ancient times, when the tradition of Gurukul existed, then the parents used to understand the letters in the house before sending the child to Vedhyayan. Similarly, in modern times, the ancient heritage of Indian Astrology can offer children fortunate time to start their education, after all, a life-long journey of education must start at a very prosperous time to draw great results in a child’s life.

Importance of Education

Knowledge is the only means of spiritual progress of a person. The dictum of the scripture is “Sa vidya or Viktumaye“, meaning that is the only one who can get liberation. From ignorance, liberation from worldly darkness. By learning, one develops the abilities of the mind. Also, it makes them recognize their own potential to take a position in the world. One gets the benefit of temporal features, dignities, experiences. Vidya means wisdom, harmony, and power. To attain worldly pleasures, it is necessary to acquire knowledge.

Importance of Education

All sixteen rites are performed at sixteen important stages of a person’s life. So that they can walk smoothly on every step, that is the path forward. Vidyabharam rite also begins to bring life to the knowledge of Vedas and scriptures. So it assumed to be very important rite.

Auspicious time for Starting Learning

All the rites performed in the child’s life are executed at the appropriate time taken according to their horoscope, because the position of planets, constellations, the moon at that particular time is auspicious according to the child. Which gives success in the work done at that time and protects it in the future.

While taking out the Muhurat for starting the education of a child, knowledge of some things should also be required. Keeping in mind the position of the child’s horoscope, planets, constellations.

Be that as it may, if Mars and Saturn get positive perspectives from different planets, these will moderate the trouble and enable the viewpoint to show in a progressively unique and deliberate manner. The positive viewpoints can likewise show to you how to work out the trouble effectively.

Considerable days of Week

  • According to the Expert Astrologers, the consecutive three days of a week i.e. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are auspicious for starting the education of a child.
  • In addition, Sunday is also an auspicious day for the same as the pride planet Sun rules this day.
  • As Saturn is a sin and slow planet and it rules over Saturday, this day is considered inauspicious for starting the education of a child.

Precautions During The starting of Education

According to expert Astrologers, the idol of Lord Shri Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati must be present during the ritual. As Lord Ganesha is the God of Science, Art & Wisdom and Saraswati is the goddess of education and knowledge. The two complement each other and offer prosperous results in a child’s educational life. Furthermore, the Pooja includes Tulsi, feast, stylus, slate, etc. In the Vidyarambha pooja, if teachers are not directly present in the worship, then place coconut in their place. After the worship is over, the child should start the education by writing the name “Om or Ganeshaya Namah” on the plaque with the child’s hand.

The child should take part in this puja with full form (body, mind) and they should understand every action of the rite. The ceremony is to perform on the most auspicious time. Students should perform the rituals only after chudakram and the child must be purified before the ceremony. The mental level of the child has to be checked before performing the ceremony. When he is ready to take full education, only then should this rite be performed.

Astrological Aspects of Education of a Child

  • There are numerous Astrological aspects to consider before the child commences education. Taking into consideration a number of things in contexts of astrology, we learn a lot about educating children.
  • Firstly, Mother and father must not begin their children’s education during the Bhadra moon day and other inauspicious yogas, since these correlations that hinder the quality of the child’s education.
  • At the time of Annaprashan, the child is unable to even start speaking, but until Chudakram, the tendency to speak and learn starts to awaken, so the rite of initiation is more appropriate only after Chudakram.
Astrological Aspects of Education of a Child
  • Removing hair (Mundan) of a child is important. After coming out of the womb, the hair of the parents remains on the head, by cutting them, purification occurs. For the attainment of education, purification is necessary so that the brain can work in the right direction.
  • Apart from this, the parents also take the word of commitment with due zeal to fulfill all the needs of the child, believing the gods to be witnesses and tell the society that they should not forget the ultimate sacred duty towards the child. Boys or girls join their parents in Vidhi, if the teacher is present, they also participate in it.

These were a few major details about the education of the child. Also, You may like to read about Find Your True Love By Tarot Card Reading

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