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लाल किताब

The absence of money is the root of all evil. Honestly, who can say no to extra money? The chest of treasure is the chest of wealth in most homes. It is a place where we keep our precious materials and money. This vault should never be kept empty. We all work hard in order to make money and earn our living and eventually you aim to Multiply Your Money. But this hard work can be transformed into easy by these simple steps. Here we have brought some excellent solutions for you which will maintain an easy flow of money in your life:

Keep the betel nut in the safe:

Betel nut is complete and unbroken. That is why it is considered as the form of Gauri-Ganesh at the time of worship, and it is climbed to Janeu. Later the betel nut of that worship should be kept in the vault because where there is the residence of Ganeshji, the lord of wisdom, there is the residence of Lakshmi. This makes Lakshmi a permanent residence in the house.

Keep betel nut in Lakshmi Pujan.

Wrap the red thread on a betel nut with worship material like Akshat, Kumkum, Pushp, etc. and keep this betel nut in the vault after worship.

Keep these items in the vault:

On Friday, tie 5 clams and a little saffron in yellow cloth with silver coins and keep them in place of the vault or money. Keep some lump of turmeric with it. It will start taking effect in a few days.

Always KEEP this remedy:

Keep a pack of 10-10 notes in the chest and keep some brass and copper coins. If there are yellow coins, then that too will go away. Keep some coins in your pocket as well. Keep in mind that the coins are not German or aluminum ones.

Peepal leaf:

Take a peepal leaf and write पर on it with red vermilion mixed in native ghee and place it in a vault or place of money. If you do this at least five Saturdays, there will be five leaves. This will remove the financial crisis.

Yellow Kauri:

On the Pushya Nakshatra, worship Lakshmi in the evening. In Pujan, worship them with saffron and turmeric by placing a clamshell with old silver coins and rupees. Keep them in the vault after worship. Your vault will always be full of money.

Keep southeastward-facing conch

In the Tantra-mantra, southeastward conch has special significance. By keeping it in the place of worship or vault of the house, Goddess Lakshmi automatically attracts it and also makes beggar a king. This is a very miraculous solution. By keeping it in the house in Som-Pushya Yoga, there will be happiness and prosperity.


Dissolve red sandalwood in the water on unbroken Bhojpatra and write ‘Shrin’ with peacock feather using it as ink. Now put that food in the vault. The benefits will start in a few days. The money will go on increasing.

Behera root:

Behera is a readily accessible fruit. Its tree is very big, like the Mahua tree. On the day of Ravi-Pushya, worship it by bringing its root or leaves, then tie them in red cloth and keep them in the storehouse or vault. This remedy will increase your prosperity.

Root of Shankhpushpi:

On the day of Pushya-nakshatra, bring the root of Shankhpushpi, worship it like a god-statues and after it is set in a silver box, keep that box in a money box, chest, store or box. This remedy is very capable of blessing Lakshmiji. In every Pushya Nakshatra, change the root and silver box of Shankhpushpi. Let the former root flow into the running water.

Equipment Installation:

Install the Aishwarya Vigyan Yantra or Dhanada Yantra. Duly worship any one of the two instruments and place it in the vault or place of treasure. With this, your vault will never remain empty and money will continue to grow.

Gradually, you will see how these tips will help you multiply your money.

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