Dreams and its astrological significance

Dreams and its astrological significance

Dreams, we all have been dreaming for a hundred thousand times in our lifetime. Most of us not know why dreams occur. We all must have heard our ancestors telling us that every dream we watch has some or the other indication. Some may be connected with the happenings of our previous life and some may be relative with the present life of ours. According to expert astrologers, every dream has its astrological significance.

Every dream does not own a significance

But, not every dream happens to be meaningful. The things we observe in our daily lives may also appear in the form of dreams. Our nature and thought processes are also related to the occurrence of our dreams. For instance, if we think about any of the actors all day long then there are high chances that we might watch something related to that particular actor in our dream. This happens because our subconscious mind gathers the information thought by us for the most number of times and presents us in the form of dreams. Such dreams form no importance in our life.

Most of the dreams have an astrological significance

But, there are dreams which surely bear an impact on the lives of each one of us. We may ignore it most of the time but later tend to fall prey to the situations that take place. According to astrology, these kinds of dreams may be indicating positive as well as negative scenarios that may occur in our life shortly. The incidents may be related to our profession, health, education, family, and many more. Thus, dreams do have a significance based on astrology.

Dreams and their significance

According to astrology, if you watch a dream that is related to the sky or air then there are chances of you suffering from a gout problem. If you watch yourself flying in an aircraft or flying off the plane with the help of parachute then dreams of such high altitudes often relate to the problem of gout. One may dream of finding himself on the terrace of a tall building right under the sky.  And such dreams also signify the problem of gout in one’s health.

Seeing lotus, elephant, monkey, swan, and cow in dreams is a sign to be well being as it brings happiness and good being in your life. The dream signifies you a healthy life and there will be a high chance of your dreams getting fulfilled. For a newly married individual, the dream of lotus signifies the occurrence of a healthy child in the family.

Death of a person in dreams may signify a positive sign!

The occurrence of dreams with accidents in it indicates an ill message. This might suggest that you may meet with an accident in your real life or may hurt yourself in any of the manners. So, whenever you happen to watch such a dream it is very important to be careful for the next few days.

Often we see someone’s death in our dreams and get nervous by thinking that a particular person may die in real. But in reality, the lifespan of that particular person tends to increase if you find him/her dead in your dreams.

The occurrence of any temple or the idol of God in your dreams is considered to be auspicious according to astrology. It signifies that you are devotional enough to lead a better life. In the same manner, if you dream about money or anything related to jewelry then they are high chances that you lose your job. You may also incur financial losses if such a dream occurs in your life.

Dreams do have astrological significance says astrology

What is a dream?, The reason for the occurrence of dreams is still a mystery for the stream of science. But, in astrology, dreams have a major role to play. Thus, every dream signifies some of the other astrological signs.

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