Dog Dreams: Know what they mean

Dog Dreams Know what they mean

When we are asleep in this world, we are awake in some other world. A virtual world, which is associated with a real one but not real at all. It signifies or gives us hints about the upcoming happenings in the future. It even warns us but we need to pay heed to it and interpret the meaning of those signs. Those signs, which the universe sends to us to beware us. One of such a common sign is when you see a dog in your dream.

The dog is a faithful and loyal animal and everyone loves them in real life. But it is not so in the virtual world. Seeing a dog in your dream can have several meanings, some are good while some are considered a bad omen. Let’s read further yo find what does your dream means and does the universe wants to say you?

Bitten by a dog in the dream

If you see yourself being gotten by a dog in your dream, then it’s time for you to be careful. The biting of the dog is symbolic of infidelity. In addition, if you see that the dog bites on your hand, it signifies someone from your near and dear ones is going to betray you. This dream should not be taken lightly and one should become aware of all his or her relationships. It might be possible that someone may leave you amidst the hurdles in a bad situation. Also, it reflects that you have committed or done any action recently due to which your close ones are not happy with you and are full of rage.

Chased by a dog in the dream

The dream of a dog chasing you is not at all alarming or should be considered as a warning. In fact, it represents love, especially from the opposite gender. If you see a dog chasing you in your dream, then it might mean that the person for whom you have feelings, is also in deep love with you. It signifies that you should continue your relations with him or her. The chasing dog represents love, if not by your special one, then maybe by someone else.

Brown dog in a dream

A brown colored dog in your dream is however not considered lucky. It is not a good omen and may signify about the hardship and tough time coming on your life. If you see a brown dog in your dream, then be cautious and careful while taking even small decisions of your life. One wrong step can land you amidst the troubles so think twice or even more before you do something.

White Dog in the dream

The color white has always been associated with purity. Unlike brown colored, if you see a dog of this serine color in your dream, then cheer up and be happy. It signifies your friend is loyal and true to you. He or she has generous feelings for you and always wants your good in life. They will always stand with you and may help you in some business idea or with their advice, may take your relationship to a new level. This dream can also represent one’s inner self.

Black dog in the dream

The black color is the symbol of negativity. Hence, seeing a black colored dog in one’s dream can represent the darker side of one’s life. Also, it may represent a darker side of your known or acquaintance. It may represent the anxiety and depression you are facing due to your friend or his disloyal nature, which is going to make him suffer a lot in the coming days. In fact, this black animal in a dream can represent the negativity of one’s life in various ways depending on the current situation.

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