6 Kinds of muscle tension formed by trapped emotions Astrology can help relieve

8 Kinds of muscle tension formed by emotions trapped Astrology can help relieve

“Why am I supposed to share my grief? I can keep that to myself. I’m powerful and that’s something I can handle.” We often tell ourselves that. Therefore, we store the sorrows inside and trap our emotions.

However, do you often wake up with a similar kind of a pain in the morning? Well, to be sure, you would ignore the pain thinking that you might have slept in the wrong position. Little do you think, our body is a stock house of everything that comes and passes in our life? Whether it is our memory or constant worry, everything stores itself in our body.

Acute stress, long term stress, anxiety, depression and lack of confident, inferior self-expression and a few such distorting feelings could make a long term nest in our body.

About a month ago, I had no idea about the reason behind my own continuous upper back pain. Then, I came across a number of studies to cure pain without medicine. Further, I found out the main reason behind it.

So, read ahead to know the numerous types of muscle tension that are a result of trapped emotions. Also, these are the most common aches people suffer from.


Where does all the stress go?

To the head & memory lane and it often causes awful headaches. According to a huge number of studies and analysis, too much stress lays the foundation stone of severe brain diseases. Today, many of the millennial suffer from depression, OCD, anxiety issues, and other disorders due to excessive tension & stress and pressure.

I have seen numerous people in my life who have a constant complaint of headaches. Especially, among the people of the age group of 20-30, the issue of different headaches is quite common. Obviously, we have a wide set of tensions including our zig-zag professional track and puzzled love life.

However, a headache may also be a result of improper meals, hormonal changes and lack of water intake. Even when occurred for a short term period, it can cause a long term effect on your health. It is tough to prevent stress in today’s hectic life. So, read ahead to know what you can do.

– What can be done

Electronic items are necessities in day to day life. However, as a precautionary measure keep them out of your sleeping area. Further, add more and more liquid in your diet, especially in the dinner. Many of us struggle every day for a sound sleep. As we all know, reading is a flawless way to engage the brain, thus, on a sleepless night, step out of your bed and read slowly.


Our neck is the body part that drives our response to any danger. The neck tension results in the form of how you are dealing with the tension and threats like challenging professional or personal tasks in your life.

The constant worry and ground down self-expression kind of emotions trapped in muscles cause pain in the neck. Also, it is a fruit of trust issues. A person’s fear, anxiety, distress, and inferiority complex reside in the neck area of the body. Furthermore, if you often struggle to offer your authentic self to people around you, it may result in constant neck pain.

– What can be done

Here is what I can tell, your authenticity is both a rare gem and shield. You do not have to keep yourself hidden in the cupboard of your body. Moreover, life is always worth a new beginning and taking a few chances. Thus, allow yourself to flaunt as you are. However, to keep a safe track, you can get an insight into the future easily in your talk to an Astrologer online.


Our shoulders share the weight of tension with the brain. All the Load of responsibilities often strikes straight at our shoulders. As out-turn, a person may wake up with continuous shoulder aches. Such aches have a direct association with social or psychological burdens.

Especially the Millenials suffer from the constant pain in shoulders due to the emotional responsibilities they often assume they carry.

In many instances, without our acknowledgment, we add a frequent amount of tension to our own shoulders. Thus, emotions trapped in muscles effect in the form of pain.


– What can be done

Try heat therapy and Aerobic Exercise. In addition, muscle relaxants like cyclobenzaprine, and baclofen may help you. However, the best option would be to consult a professional at first. Moreover, give yourself chances to relax.

Upper Back

People often carry great sadness. Hiding is not always the best option to serve in front of your emotions. As the unexpressed grief and sorrows build tension in the upper back of our body. The upper back shares close space with the heart. Therefore, it shares most of the impact drawn by misery.

In addition, pain in the middle back is a result of grave guilt and a lack of spirit to forgive oneself.


– What can be done

Sadness doesn’t leave easily. As someone said, when a deep love leaves, sadness takes the residence. Therefore, if you feel the pain in the upper back on a regular encounter, you should visit professionals to seek help. Also, fix a routine of Yoga and meditation. It brings peace and strength. At least it brought me a light of peace and relaxation from the pain I suffered.

Furthermore, for the pain in the middle back, it would not be wrong to say that humans are the statue of mistakes. One may allow the act of forgiveness for themselves too. Time has the supremacy to heal, thus, with time we must let go of the guilt.


Well, we all in some ways struggle to channel our emotions. As a very obvious outcome of our emotions, we some days battle to eat a bite of our food after a terrible day. On the other hand, on bright happy Sunday, all we wish is to stay in the bed happily and eat a large cheese burst pizza. Thus, it is not wrong to say, the inability of processing emotions lays a straight affect on our stomach.

I have a friend, she often struggles with a severe stomachache. Well, she is also popular in the friend circle for her inability to actually accept and process both negative and positive emotions.


– What can be done

Talk to your friends. Leave your fear of betrayal, allow your friend to share a space with your actual emotions. However, your friends may not eliminate your stress completely. Therefore, you can consult an Astrologer for guidance. Also, you can visit a psychiatrist.

Lower Back

Today, insecurities grow faster than any positive feelings and along with it grows pain in a person’s lower back. Emotions like guilt, grief, inferiority, unworthiness, and discomfort oft-times draw pain in the lower back.

It takes place for numerous different reasons nonetheless to different people. For instance, a millennial may feel the pain due to a lack of sexual securities or a lack of confidence in the outer appearance of their body. Nevertheless, on the other hand, it may occur due to trauma. Also, it may be a result of the constant take of bullying behavior around a person.


– What can be done

Acceptance is winning. You conquer the world by your way of acceptance for the variety of happenings. Thus, the movement should begin with accepting ourselves. Nevertheless, chronic stress is not a simple thing. Therefore, walk to a psychiatrist and seek their help. In addition, shower your feelings in front of the people you can trust. Also, you can consult a professional for muscle tension relief.

These were the major details on how emotions affect different parts of our body. Also, you may like to read about Article 370- A Voice from emotionally suffocating Kashmir.

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