Naga- the Tale of the Vengeance Seeker


It is practically impossible for everyone to forget all the harm inflicted on them. However, it is the gift of forgiveness bestowed on humans that allows us to forget all the past sins. The same is not the case for other souls. It would not be astonishing that the creature known to keep a record of our past can take revenge in any form.

The souls with the body of the snakes or the Naga is the most fearsome one in this case. Impossible to hide and irrelevance to commit more sins…. Here is the great tale of the Naga!

Past life- sins?

To achieve balance, nature tries its best to neutralize the imbalance by sins and boons. The Law of nature leaves no one untouched. We might get a great life at present and be joyous of our stature. Nature gives nothing without having a way to obscure it back from us.

Have a bad day at present? Review your past. If such small obstructions have values, then why not the greatest sins take counts?

Committing even the slightest sin against a Naga is the greatest mistake one might have ever done. It can haunt our entire life and leave us empty-handed. Such unsettled issues cannot even direct us through the right path.

Adjusting to the flow and preventing our self from doing the slightest mistake can only lead us away from this trouble.

What is so important about this Naga?

A strange feeling along with some chills runs down our spine hearing the name of the Naga itself. The appearance of the creature is strong enough to cause fear. Pujas take place while they come to the temple.

However, while they enter the home, they are cleared from the spot. Unnoticeable, spontaneous reactions to serve a good purpose cannot change the mind of a Naga when it decides to take revenge.

The tale from the past

Lord Shiva has Naga as his friend. The snake rolls around the Lord’s neck which is worshiped. The idol of the snake is worshiped as a god in countries like Japan. Lord Vishnu’s Sheshanag is the bed for the creator. The Adhishesha takes avatars along with the lord to assist him to achieve his objective.

The greatest snake, Vasuki is the reason for finding the greatest Amrit of the world from under the sea. Our scriptures and the tale of the legends hint us to respect the snakes or the Nagas. Acceptance of the Naga as the god is common.

Naga- the protector

One cannot continue inflicting harm on others. Even if it is done so, it is for the greater good. Nagas are known to protect the greatest treasure of the gods. By which it means, the treasure in which we find the good.

If we have done a bad deed to the Naga, it means that we are granting access to the Naga to steal our treasure. The treasure which we have is not of great importance to the Naga. However, if we fail to respect the guardian of the treasure, it has the right to loot ours.

Respecting the creature for all the protection given by it to us should be remembered by us. It is considered humiliating to the greatest guardian if we fail to respect them.

The other side

Nagas aren’t that bad to say. They just don’t forget anything. Worshiping them as gods is common. Fearsome creatures can also solve the trouble. While it waits to take revenge on one, it blooms in the other as a god.

The greatest Naga is a friend to some. It helps them in all ventures, protecting them from the evil and ultimately being by their side. In accordance with the astrology, some people who have the perfect alignment of the stars have them as their guardian.

Worshiping them is like worshiping the Naga itself. However, harming them can be misleading to us.

Naga guards treasure
Naga guards treasure

Bad doings and Dosh

A ‘dosh’ to the person is like the moment awaiting our fall. All the doings and their rewards should be reaped by us. Hence the bad deeds inflict dosh over us.

The worst dosh is the one owing to the Naga. Among these, the worst one can be the ‘Kalasarpa dosh’. It is the wrong done to the greatest giant Cobra. The greatest giant Cobra is the leader of the Nagas. Hence, inflicting harm to it paves way for the entire clan of Nagas to take revenge on us.

Kalasarpa Dosha

When the Rahu or the Ketu stays with us, the impact is worse. Imagine the effect when both of them stay together, facing each other. Such a dosh is Kalasarpa dosh.

The signs of Scorpio and Pisces have the Kalasarpa Dosh at present. This dosh cannot be solved immediately.

It needs rigorous belief over the god and great surrender to the clan. A moment in which we tend to forget the guardian allows them to take entire control over us.

Solutions for recovery

The prayer to the clan can only solve all our worries. Performing rituals to the Nagas can lead us to a better life.

  • MILK ABISHEKH- Pouring milk over the idols of the Nagas is commonly done in the temples. This practice cools the Nagas and they help us with our loyalty.
  • OFFERINGS- Offering eggs to the idols of the Nagas can help us recover from our sins.
  • SANDAL and KUMKUM- Some temples have the ‘Nagamma’ in which the Naga takes the form of a lady. Offering Sandal and Kumkum over the idols of the Nagamma and praying is beneficial. Walking 9 times round the idol solves our issues.
  • PRAYERS- Praying is the main key to solve all troubles. We can either pray to the Nagas itself, or we can pray to the Lords Vishnu and Shiva to help us.
  • CELEBRATIONS- Celebrating main events such as Naga Panchami can lead us away from the troubles.
  • VISIT KALAHASTHI– A visit to Kalahasthi near Thirupathi lessens our burdens. It is the prime place for the residence of the Nagas.

Power of Naga

Inflicting harm or saving us from troubles needs great power. The Nagas have the power to help us in all ventures. Hence, praying to the Lord can lessen our burdens.

Pray to the Naga for granting the courage and appreciate for guarding our treasure. Clear the dosh and witness how the Naga transforms our life better.

These were some significant details about the nagas. Also, click here to know more about Naga Panchami.

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