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Excellent time to Achieve all your wants

It is a success if you get what you want! Everyone tries for this and we taste bitter failure at times. This is not uncommon but not welcoming to anyone at the same time. {…}

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Naga- the Tale of the Vengeance Seeker

It is practically impossible for everyone to forget all the harm inflicted on them. However, it is the gift of forgiveness bestowed on humans that allows us to forget all the past sins. The {…}

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Karma- the Horse of Our Chariot

All that our life provides in our present has an inheritance from the past. It is wise to say that the past taints the future. Be it the punishment for the sin or the {…}

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Antharyami- The True Me

Experts advise us to follow rules for success. It differs for each person. So simple is our logic, right? Standards apart, we all have one voice that keeps our running at a steady pace. {…}

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Zodiac signs- What’s the Impact...

The fundamental pillar of astrology upon which the huge kingdom of prediction is based on is the zodiac signs. Varying with the date of birth of the individual, it predicts the characteristic of the {…}

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Astrology and related branches:

Astrology and related branches use ideals for prediction. The basic principle by which science is found in the interconnection between existence and matters. Three branches of science having similar principles have the interconnection in {…}

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What’s Up Number?

Certain rules impart discipline to people. Astrology too doesn’t have an escape from it. Most of the rules link us back to the sets of number. Let us start to know the relation between {…}

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kalbhairav Ashtami- Things to know

Kalbhairav Ashtami, a special day for the Hindus, the night we spend in order to remember the difficulties undergone by the fiercest form of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva has never failed to teach the {…}

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