Antharyami- The True Me

Experts advise us to follow rules for success. It differs for each person. So simple is our logic, right? Standards apart, we all have one voice that keeps our running at a steady pace. It takes various forms of voices to show its presence. It might be an instruction or a soft voice telling our needs. Needless to explain, it is our inner voice! People give it various names. I call it the Antharyami!

Why do mistakes occur?

It is a common saying that being born a human itself is an error. Also, every action which is not deemed right done by us is compensated saying: “it is common to make mistakes”.

More out of practice and a reminder from the lesson makes us think twice for every action. No one is born perfect! However, we can try making life good. The answer is not hidden and is practiced for ages.

It is listening to the self and the voice that helps us. It is the Antharyami that should guide us. Though we know this principle, everyone forgets to follow its track. This is the point when our diversion ends us in mistakes. It is good to learn but not get depressed.

A wise thought in lead may be curved outwards from the path our inner-self leads. However, Antharyami is the greatest therapist for you.

The greatest soother- Antharyami:


It is a known philosophical quote that the self helps the self! In relation to philosophy, astrology too plays its role. It has a parallel path aligned with the philosophy.

Listening to the self creates awareness about the self. Analysis of strength and weakness is possible through this practice. When the person analyses the self, he can know his possibilities of success. In addition to this, he believes he has the potential to overcome any trouble. Thus, Antharyami has the potential to soothe all the problems and solve every issue.

Antharyami in astrology:

Whenever the person listens to the Antharyami, the greatest planet known for knowledge, that is, Venus, take the lead. The ‘buddhi’ then takes a look at the person. The planet is in such a position that it occupies the prime position that a person must need for a gain of knowledge.

Since the knowledge about the Antharyami lifts the stature of the person, the Venus comes to the appropriate position. As the planets reorient themselves, the quality of the person elevates.

This is the time when the astrologers say the look of Venus is more prominent.

Practicing Antharyami:

The steady practice of any ideal makes it a successful and daily practice. Hence, we should practice commanding the Antharyami regularly from time to time.

It is said that the secret to winning any of our wishes is by wishing it. Thus, as we wish more or as we command the Antharyami more, we get our wishes solved at the earliest. The concept of commanding the Antharyami is to remind the self about our interests.

Certain steps for its practice:

  • The first step is to DECIDE- we have to decide what we really want. This helps us decide our needs and the ones we wish to neglect. Decide your needs! Understanding needs is essential.
  • The second step is to BELIEVE- we have to believe that we are getting our wish done. A strong belief that we are eligible for the price is important. We must not allow any negative thoughts to take its place in our mind. A belief which cannot be shattered is necessary.
  • The final step is to ACT- we need to act to believe. This might sound crazy at the beginning but this is the step that will bring yourself even closer to your reward.
  • You are attracting yourself to the price. Act like you have got the price as you are eligible for the price. Act like you are happy with the price.

Benefits from Antharyami:

By practicing the method of instructing the Antharyami, we can have an unbreakable trust over our self.

This is the best way to achieve our goal. Instead of trusting instincts and other common misunderstandings, it is better to trust our self.

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