Excellent time to Achieve all your wants

Excellent time to Achieve all your wants

It is a success if you get what you want! Everyone tries for this and we taste bitter failure at times. This is not uncommon but not welcoming to anyone at the same time. We tend to search for the ways to achieve all our wants and tread on the success path. Shortcuts are not wrong if they take us to the best destination. However, the tool we choose must have its roots from the right path. We all have the inherent potential of changing the entire world. After all, the universe is made of souls. Let’s get introduced to the time for getting our needs attended without great stress!

The main key

Every lock has a key. It is time that matters. Ever experienced hating someone and notice them popping again and again? It is time we realize the true potential of our soul. If there is a person who can say he can turn the world around, it is not surprising to quote him as a lunatic. However, people who know the power of magic will realize this immediately.

True, the key to all the worries and the solution is the same. Moreover, it is released to us. The greatest key to every victory is belief. In addition to this, we must keep reminding our self about the things we wish to achieve.

Now that we are aware of the main key, let’s get involved to learn about the wishful timings.

Times to use

The time to use is EVERY TIME. However, this is not possible as we cannot involve our self to the fullest in a desire. Moreover, if we are known about this ultimate secret, we tend to focus on the important timings alone. Neither of them would benefit us as it involves worries. All these timings must be rehearsed with a free mind.


It is a practice of wishing people daily in the morning with a cheer. This has a reason. It was our ancestors who found this timing to be so enriching. To impart the habit of being cheerful the whole day, people smiled at each other to make the other’s day bright.


The first 5 minutes after waking up is the most effective timing. At this time, the soul gets connected to the entire universe. In relation to astrology, all the nine planets get oriented with our seven chakras in the body. Hence, the people are asked to thank god in this time. Placing your wishes to the god and heeding his blessings is effective at this time.

It is not surprising that the first thought that enters your mind after waking up keeps haunting you the entire day. Now you know that the secret is in the timing.


Dozing to sleep? Use this great timing instead. 5 minutes before the onset of deep sleep is the time the soul is pleading to the universe for the one last time. Apparently, the universe heeds to the request immediately.

Psychologists advise us to have a deep sleep at the nights. It should be the sleep that cannot wake you at night. It is a proven stress-buster now. However, our ancestors had found the true potential of the timing and related this to astrology.

According to the astrology, the person has a link to the moon. So, whatever we wish is immediately attended. Ever experienced dreaming about the thought you had the previous night? Now you had comprehended the meaning of the timing.


Eating and drinking are not just for the body. It gives an ample amount of energy to the soul also. Eating and drinking refreshes the body and enriches the soul.

It is a common practice to keep the mouth shut while eating and drinking. This is to control our physical self and pave the way to the mental self. Whatever we demand while eating comes to our way.

By astrology, the chakras in the body are linked to the universe through our mouth. In accordance with the legend, Lord Krishna has his soul linked through his mouth. So, the time we eat and drink is of great importance.

Great time 4: WHILE BATHING

Depressed? Have a bath. It relaxes the body and cools the soul. While bathing removes the dead cells from the body, it paves way for the new ones to take its place.

Wishing while bathing is effective. As we clean our self, we establish the bridge to the universe. According to the astrology, the soul gets nearer to the sun while bathing. Our ancestors had advised us to pray after bathing. This is the reason for making the timing so important. The water in our body helps transfer our wishes to the universe.


It is an awful yet a suitable comment that ‘Anger is the best emotion’. This is because we spend a greater amount of energy while we are angry at others. Our relatives would say that getting angry could not solve anything. Ancestors too request us to not get angry. This anger is unavoidable. Then why not use it in an effective way?

According to research, only 7 nerves are activated while we smile. However, 42 nerves are activated while we get angry. So, if many nerves are activated, this would definitely be useful. However, when the base of the emotion is not correct, it could harm us.

According to astrology, the astrological element-fire is intensified while we get angry. So, next time while you get angry, use the emotion and immediately wish for all your wants. Of all the timings, this would be the best.

Closing mentions

Now that you are introduced with the ultimate secret, use it to the fullest. The timings mentioned above are not in relation to the day but to the action. Was it the timings of the day such as Brahma muhurta, it would have been a difficult task to cope up with the timing. However, it is the timing that our action needs to remind us.

Some restrictions to these timings are not necessary. It can be any time of the day, regardless of the routine. However, we tend to get diverted from the path. When these timings are levied to the person, we can continue to achieve our goal.

This was about the timings of the person. The key is the soul, which is truly referred to as the ‘Antharyami’. To know more about antharyami, click here.

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