National Girl Child Day 2020-The reality of A Girl Child in India

National Girl Child Day- Real Objective

24th January, a date that is special every year. This celebrates the entity of every girl child across India. The prime motive of National Girl Child Day is to offer optimum respect, support, and faith in girls all over the country. Also, the celebration serves its purpose to point on bullying and unhealthy discrimination towards girls. The celebration first occurred in 2008.

Since that day, people celebrate it in the form of an occasion to raise awareness about the rights of girls.

Real Objective behind National Girl Child Day

According to many types of research, girls and women in India have been facing violence, differentiation, chauvinism. Especially, in the past few decades, crimes like Acid throwing, child marriage, family violence, Dowry, Child Marriage, and gender-selective abortions, Forced marriages, Superstition accusations Attack, and rape have swung high levels.

Therefore National Girl Child Day tries to raise awareness regarding these situations. Also, it is a day to talk about the problems Indian girls face in their day-to-day lives.

The reality of A Girl Child in India

Real Objective behind National Girl Child Day

The irony of the celebration is people might give long speeches and offer their support to girls for the day. Nonetheless, India is one of the most unsafe countries for girls and women. How couldn’t it be when our Supreme Political Leaders consider it fine? In India, a parent is not allowed to know the gender of their unborn baby. Why? We clearly know it is a result of forced abortion when it is a girl child.

Another bitter truth of our country is when a girl is harassed or raped, and the news leaks among the public, people search it on Google, YouTube, Twitter, News Websites, and Famous Porn Sites. Further, criticism for both sides take place as for the age of News. Later, girls suffer and people forget.

Let us take the concept to another side, we have plenty of powerful women speakers like Kiran Bedi and Sudha Chandran and Feminists like Twinkle Khanna, Tisca Chopra, Saloni Chopra. These women bear the flag of campaigns for FEMINISM. Well, as far as my observation says, I feel sorry but most of them are not even close to the objective of Feminism. I belong to a common Indian family, I am aware of the most common and yet toughest things a girl has to go through. Therefore, I know what an Indian girl and an Indian woman want and deserve on National Girl Child Day and on every other day.

Here’s an Indian Girl Want on National Girl Child Day-

  • An Indian girl wants security with freedom and faith with respect in the eyes of people. She just wishes not to feel like she has asked for a lot in the form of permission to step out of their house, learn and perform their job beyond the walls of the kitchen.
  • A girl is both tender and wild. She knows it and she knows to retain & carry her capacity. Thus, she wishes to be free from the eyes that pass judgments for fierce form. Also, from the taunts for her emotional volume.
  • An Indian girl wishes to not have to cry herself to sleep because of improper behavior by her own family members in those tough 5 days of Periods. She wishes to have curse free treatment during her Menstruation Cycle.
  • Every girl wishes to have the freedom to study what she likes. Also, wear what offers her comfort, carry what she feels necessary, eat-drink whatever pleases her, talk to whosoever provide her happiness, and speak whatever she thinks.
  • Girls want real congratulations when she is promoted because of her hard work and caliber and not the hidden taunts & thoughts that say she had to do Informal Grouping or Assistance for where she stands today.
  • Every girl is an amalgamation of love, tender, determination, sacrifice, and excellence. She already has the strength to conquer the world, all she requires the world to be able to uplift their spirits and accept them.
  • On National Girl Child Day an Indian girl every Indian girl wishes to have a place where she could grow her wings. Not to just fly but to rest peacefully without fear.

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