Divine Connection Between Tarot Cards and the Sole Purpose Of Your Life

Divine Connection Between Tarot Cards & The Sole Purpose Of Your Life

Most of us often spend our entire life without understanding the true purpose of our life. If we believe at the statistics, around 95% of people in China are unsatisfied with what they are doing in their jobs, and around 80% of people in India are doing their job just for the sake of money, without any satisfaction.

Why does it happen?

Why do we let the compromises and dissatisfaction enter in this precious life which we are endowed with by the almighty? I know what most of the people must be thinking at the moment; this is life, not too easy, it is easy to say but difficult to implement, everybody has different situations in life, not everyone gets the opportunity, etc. I understand the thought process, and do not deny to it; but you will have to agree with me that to some extent, these are our excuses too.

Yes, there are varied situations in life that we have to deal with, but we often find our comfort in those situations and do not look for a way out. The truth is, we are born with a purpose. And at some point or another, we get that feeling that we are living our life in wrong directions which will not let us fulfill the purpose we are born with, and this feeling becomes the feeling of dissatisfaction.

Concept of Guarding Angels

We all are born with our guardian angels, who keep giving us hints about whether we are in the right path or wrong through different emotions we often feel, but ignore most of the time. We are so much indulged in this materialistic life, that we unable to listen to the universe, we unable to hear our inner voice, and this is why the Universe has endowed us with some beautiful techniques or modalities through which we can connect with the universe and get the divine directions which can lead us to our destined paths.

Such modalities are Tarot cards, Numerology, Astrology, Deep meditations, past life regressions, Reiki Healing, switch words and many other divine sources to connect with universal guidance. And even, if you don’t choose any of these modalities, you still have the power within yourself, so you all are advised to take out few minutes of your life every day and devote those minutes to meditation, to talk to your inner self, to pay attention to your intuitions and to let your guardian angels guide you.

Besides this, today, I am going to share some very interesting method that I explored while connecting with my tarot cards and while doing a tarot card reading for one of my clients. A Method that can actually help us discover the life purpose using just Date of the birth of the person and tarot cards.

The mystery of Tarot Cards

You must be well aware of your sun signs, but the story doesn’t end here only, besides sun sign, when we look at astrology, there are many other planets and signs which shows your life pattern, in numerology, there are mysteries of various numbers behind your life paths, and in tarot, there are set of tarot birth cards based on our date of birth, which we are going to discuss today.

By connecting your birth date with tarot cards, we tarot card readers can see the potential you possess in this lifetime, the qualities you are endowed with and the purpose you are born with. This connection shows your strength, your weaknesses, the challenges you will face and the promises of the entire life span with great accuracy and depth.

Now, if my article is being read by tarot card readers, they will catch this very quickly, and the other beautiful souls who are reading this article without having knowledge about tarot cards, you will surely get a wonderful insight into the miraculous power these divine tarot cards possess.

The mystery of Tarot Cards

How We Calculate Tarot Birth Cards

We all have at least 2 and maximum 3 tarot birth cards, based on our date of birth. And it is very much similar to the calculation which we do in numerology. So suppose your date of birth is 31 March 1991, we will add 31 + 3 + 19+91 = 144. Now add the final 3 digits (14+4 = 18). Further, this number gives us the first birth card –The Moon (Card number 18). Now, calculate these 2 digits further for the second birth card (1+8 = 9), here we got The Hermit (Card Number 9). In case the birthday adds up to 2 digit number, we will simply add those 2 numbers if the final number is 3 digit, we consider the first 2 digits as one and then add it to the remaining number.

Further, in case your birthday adds up to a single-digit number, for eg, 3, so the first birth card would be 3 and the second birth card would be 12 (1+2).

How would you Interpret the Cards?

Since I would not be able to give an interpretation of all the cards but given for a few here to help you understand better.

Let’s begin with number 1, since 1 is a single-digit number, for a second birth card, we will make it 10 (1+0)

So the first birth card is The Magician (1) and second birth is Wheel of fortune (10)

What does it represent?

Card Number 1 (Magician) and Card Number 10 (Wheel of Fortune)

The magician is the man with positivity and power to fight with the circumstances and make lemonade out of the lemons. These people can handle any situation that life throws at them and can turn them into some positive results at the end. Wheel of fortune says that their life would bring lots of challenges (both positive and negative), lots of changes, mostly the positive ones, but even if these are the negative ones, the power and the energy they will receive from the magician card would help them tackle any kind of situation in a smooth manner.

These people consider themselves as leaders, who like to write and make their own fate and are often overly ambitious, and have the power to manifest and attract good fortune with their positive outlook.

Card Number 2 (High Priestess) and Card Number 11 (Justice)

High Priestess is a lady with pure heart, very spiritual, very balanced, seeker of truth and highly intuitive. While on the other hand, justice represents whatever you sow, so shall you reap. So a person with these numbers are pure and often make decisions based on their intuitions, and destiny will always make them face the results of their deeds within the short period; whether the results of good deeds or the bad. So these people are always suggested to do good, talk good about others and always perform better deeds to get good results in life.

Card Number 3 (Empress) and Card Number 12 (Hanged Man)

If you are a lady with this tarot birth combination, you are a nurturer, very loving, very compassionate, very motherly. And if you are male with this tarot combination, you are very close to the ladies of your life, like a mother, sister, and wife. While on the other hand, the hanged man card represents the though process, the out of the box thinking, it makes you open up to so things from higher perspectives, which other people find difficult to see. You are born with a gift of creative expression, you can get into some creative profession and problems in life don’t break you, rather give you a new outlook.

Card Number 4 (The Emperor) and Card Number 13 (Death)

Emperor card represents a self-made personality, very hard working and quite aggressive. While the death card represents the change; these people like changes, and make the changes in life with a positive spirit. In addition, these people are born to set a newer path for others to walk upon and become a true inspiration for others. These people become good leaders at home as well as in the workplace.

Card Number 5 (Hierophant) and Card Number 14 (Temperance)

People born with this tarot birth card combination are born with a purpose to bring about a balance in everything. The balance between the spiritual and materialistic life, balance between love and hate, the balance between emotions and practicality, balance in everything. These people can become good and genuine lawyers too. These people like to go in-depth with everything, study a lot, can be good teacher, counselors, and a guide too, and can teach others to bring a balance in life. Very flexible, but respect the traditions and rules, and want others to follow as well.

Card Number 6 (Lovers) and Card Number 15 (Devil)

Every human being has 2 sides of his/her personality; one is pure, innocent, loving; while other is harsh. You are here to fight with the negative emotions we humans often feel, and let the positivity win. Also, you are here to spread love, but at the same time, you need to ensure that your love doesn’t convert into lust, jealous and mulishness. You need to draw a fine line between freedom and boundaries and make sure that people don’t feel bonded with you, at the same time, you have to make sure that you do not get bounded in your emotions and unable to make rational decisions in life.

You are deeply passionate and can direct that passion for the greater good of society when you apply your highest morals and values to your decision-making, and you can make the best decisions when you pay attention to your inner voice aligned with universal love.

Card Number 6 (Lovers) and Card Number 15 (Devil)

Card Number 7 (Chariot) Card Number 16 (Tower)

You are born with a purpose to fight with the obstacles and find you’re the way. The message for people with these tarot birth combination does not get afraid of the obstacles and challenges in life, as these obstacles will ultimately help you find your true personality, which is extremely determined and strong.

These people are blunt, and can be a good public speaker, but after they get to understand their divine purpose after conquering the challenges in life. For these people, endings of things are always taking place to open the path for something new, so do not be afraid of endings, as these are ultimately taking you to your divine paths.

Card Number 8 (Strength) and 17 (Star)

You are born to shine and will find loads of opportunities in life, your greater purpose in life is to gain emotional strength and make wise choices in life when you are given various options. You are born to create a sense of faith, hope, and strength not just for yourself, but for people around you. These people are born to inspire others and help others find their path. For example, these people can be healers, astrologers and a source of light for many people. These people are extremely emotional and have inner strength which they are unaware of, which they explore gradually in this life path.

Card Number 9 (Hermit) and Card Number 18 (Moon)

You are born with a gift of understanding. Also, you focus not on what is seen directly in front of you, but what is behind what you are seeing. You are intuitive and often lighten other’s life first before giving much importance to your own self. Your purpose is to spread the light in the life of others with this gift of understanding and love you are endowed with, but you must understand that your own self is equally important and you must feel fulfilled inside first before filling other’s life with light. You are a great observer. All you need is to pay attention to the things around you, which can bring positive outcomes in your life.

Now, there is one catch, if the total of your birth number comes 19, then it gets divided into not ONE but TWO other numbers. For eg, (1+9=10) and 1+0=1). So, in this case, your birth tarot number will not be a combination of two numbers, but it will be a combination of three numbers.

Tarot card number 10 (Wheel of Fortune), Tarot Card Number 19 (Sun) and Tarot card number 1 (Magician)

Now, this is a very rare and very powerful combination. The energy of the sun makes the person leader, while the magician card makes the person manifest his/her desires and wheel of fortune helps them person live a powerful life and get positive outcomes in all aspects of life. These people are born with a purpose to enhance this magic of the law of attraction and manifestation and help others explore this well.

These people also must be grateful to the universe and should not make any harmful deeds for anyone and must always respect every living and living thing created by this universe.

Tarot Card Number 20 (Judgment) and 2 (High Priestess)

This tarot combination makes the person highly intuitive, pure and makes the fight for what is right. These people are born with a purpose to bring a positive change in this world and fight for the things which are not right and get them on the place. These people also have the power to easily connect with the master guides, if they explore this side of their personality a bit.

Tarot Card Number 21 (The World) and Tarot Card Number 3 (The Empress)

The people with this combination are creative, expressive, abundant and holistic and loves to live an adventurous life.  These people are born with a purpose to share; share the love, care and things which can benefit those who are in need. These people must do some social work in their life once they attain the fulfilled stage for self. These people also advised to be grateful towards the universe, for, as much they will be grateful to the universe, the universe will give them more reasons to be grateful.

Tarot Card Number 22 (Fool) and Tarot Card Number 4 (Emperor)

These people begin their life with innocence, joyous spirit, and as the gradually explore the life path, they learn the different lessons in life through various challenges and end up becoming a wiser person, a mature person with great self-respect. These people are born to lead, but often explore this side of their personality at a little later stage of life.

So this was general and brief guidance as per the tarot birth cards. Calculate yours and see what your tarot birth card says about your life path and the sole purpose behind your birth.

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