Not Only DRUGS! These Addictions Will Take You To The Another Level


Usually, when we hear the word “Addictions” only one thing comes to our mind i.e Drugs. No doubt the addiction to Drugs is one of the worst things that the world is dealing with. However, there are certain things that have grabbed our minds over the past few years.

People can become addicted to a lot of things depending on their tastes and personality. There are a number of addictive things out there in the world, and some are clearly worse than others. So, in this context let’s talk about 6 Most Addictive Things Apart From Drugs.


Love Addiction

Well talking about addictions, how can we forget Love. Have you ever heard anybody saying, “Love is a drug“? This might sound more like a dialogue of a movie but its actually true. Love is a beautiful emotion that makes us feel alive, it helps us to see the world in a much-sophisticated manner. However, at times the pull of love can be so strong that it can ruin your whole life. According to research published in the Journal of Neurophysiology,Love addiction is characterized by compulsive or obsessive patterns in romance, sexuality, and relationships that have harmful consequences for the addict and their partners.” This statement clearly describes that Love is a Drug that you consume every day.

Fast Food Addiction

fast food addiction

There is no doubt that Fast Food is clearly taking over your regular food diet in the present time. The combination of salt, sugar and fat present in Fast Food can create cravings that are much similar to addiction of drugs. Moreover, many scientists believe that fast food such as hamburgers and fries could be as addictive as Heroin. Fast food not only affects your regular Food Diet but also leaves a very bad impact on your health as well. However, sometimes you can have it where it’s not possible to look for a perfect diet but as we know “Access of Everything is Bad


coffee addiction

Let’s start it with a famous phrase “Coffee Is Love” but according to its much like a Drug. However, many people see coffee drinking and caffeine intake as one of the most common addictions of today. Coffee contains caffeine, a stimulant also found in tea, chocolate, and soft drinks. In fact, caffeine is considered as the most commonly used drug in the world. The elements present in caffeine directly impact your brain cells creating more and more desire for coffee, which cannot be considered less than consuming a drug.

Online Gaming

online gaming addiction

Addiction to Online gaming is a possibly new disease which is covering the whole world in its vicious circle. Over the past few years, we have seen a boom in Internet and Technology and Online Gaming is one of its main outcomes. This addiction is much popular among Children and Youth or we can say these people are its worst victims. Many Online games such as Pubg, Call of Duty, Grand Theft Auto and many other games that are ruling over the lives of the people. However, we can also say people have made themselves addicted to these things and it’s not a good sign for the future.

Exercise (Gym)

gym addiction

For many people, the idea of being addicted to Gym sounds a bit funnier. Everybody wants to keep their body fit in order to live a healthy life. However, pushing your body to perform excessive exercise is one of the best ways to signal your brain’s release of peptides and also releases stress from the body of a person. Famous Brazil’s researcher Universidade de Sao Paulo found that 10% of high-performance runners and 10% of bodybuilders are addicted to exercise. Moreover, he also said “a fit mind revolves around a fit body

Excessive Lying

lying addiction

Sounds strange! but lying is actually an addiction and almost every person addicts himself to it. Likewise other addictions, impulsive liars feel a sense of relaxation after telling misleading statements or certain unusual facts to others. However, it’s more like a mental addiction where you don’t want to go out of track but certain situations force you to lie. These lies are a result of the continuous phenomenon of our brain cells and are considered the same as addiction to drugs.

These were some of the major details regarding some of the main addictions. Also, you may like to read about 6 Most Brutal Serial Killers World Will Never Forget

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