Numerology Weekly Horoscope 30 November to 6 December

Numerology Weekly Predictions

How will your week be? Read here in Numerology Weekly Horoscope 30 November Monday to 6 December


You will get opportunities this week to gain money, but you should avoid lending money to anyone. Today, getting a new job can increase your hard work. Additionally, your project with some people may go ahead. You can give some positivity for long-term success. Working hard will be beneficial this week. You can get help from your partner, through which you will also be able to solve some of your problems. There will be stability in the family.

Remedy – Perform Jalabhishek of Shivling.


This week, being too emotional can be unprofitable. Try to avoid stress in relationships. You will need to go ahead of yourself and put your decisions in front of others. Even if you do not want to, you may have to do something that can bother you. At such time, think of something else.

Remedy – Offer laddus to Lord Hanuman.


It can be a week of success and new places. Some students may find the college of their choice. This will be the time for more hard work, but it can also bring a better return. In some cases, you may also get the support of your opponents. You are able to overcome obstacles and take risks, so go ahead and complete the work. This time you will be very happy socially.

Remedy – Offer pomegranate offerings to Goddess Durga.


There are likely to be some necessary meetings this week about work, so your routine may be disturbed. Your expenses appear to increase. There will be tension with people in the family. Socially, your opinions may not match very much with anyone, but some things will definitely affect you.

Remedy – Feed Kheer poor on Friday.


You can make up your mind to do some things you like. A proposal at work can bring more pressure for you. Due to excess work at this time, you can be stress and in some hurry. Along with this, make monetary transactions carefully. It can become a better time to repay one’s debt. There will be matters related to marriage that will have opportunities for success.

Remedy – Offer coconut in river.


You will feel like buying some new things. Also, you can think of planning it at this time. You will get support from child’s side. You may hear something harsh from the elders in the family. Do not think too much about small issues. Gradually, things will start taking place in your favor. Only, you should avoid repeating your mistakes.

Remedy – Donate food to young girls.


Visiting guests can give you some trouble. At this time, you will put effort to help others with your work. You will have to use courage to stand up for yourself. In a tough time, your mother’s love will fill you with positive energy. Separate from what others are thinking about you so that you can make your own importance.

Remedy – apply turmeric tilak.


During this time, you will get mental peace with the children. You will be busy with work and family. Avoid any kind of laxity towards your health. You will get a chance to travel. At this time, you will be thinking about something different from your family. You will also get the support of your friends. Issues related to some properties will be resolved.

Remedy – Eat cloves.


Today you can stay a bit slow and yet work. Some old memories can also bother you. In such a way, protect yourself from solitude, partake in the activity of your interest. Soon, you will move fast and may get new opportunities. At this time, you may find the advice of a senior member helpful. However, you will need to control your anger as much as possible.

Remedy – Chant Navagraha Mantra.

This was the weekly horoscope from 30 November Monday to 6 December Sunday

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