Sagittarius Season 2020 – 3 Zodiacs That Are Sag’s Soulmate


TBH Sagittarius is a cool zodiac sign. Time and again these natives need to party hard, fulfill their wanderlust to blow off the steam. After all, the digital world is often too much to take for these nature enthusiasts. So, when it comes to being in a relationship or maintaining a friendship, a Sagittarius only looks for non-dramatic and independent people. Zodiac signs like Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are way too clingy for Mr. or Ms. Archer. Now that Sagittarius season 2020 has officially begun, you may like to know who are the lucky zodiac signs that can make Sagittarius’ soulmate.

Dive in-

Aries (21st March to 19th April)

Aries Personality Traits – Passionate, confident, positive, brave, generous, and innovative.

Sagittarius is everything about PASSION. You can win them over a cup of coffee under the moonlight. Aries is a Fire Sign and so is Sagittarius, as intense it gets, these two can hit it to the highway of life and overcome any rock bottom together. The fiery Ram and Archer make an incredibly romantic and sexy pair.

Aries is a shy zodiac and Sags like flaunting all their energy. On one hand, Sagittarius can bring out the fun side of Aries. On the other hand, Aries can help Sag channel their passionate flames in the right direction. Together, they are a motivated, positive couple. Therefore, they can forever entertain each other and come up with innovative ideas to sparkle up their romantic life. Also, time and again, can annoy each other with weird pranks to keep the laugher going.

Understanding the Bluntness of a Sagittarius woman

Leo (23rd July to 22nd August)

Leo Personality Traits – Kind, protective, optimistic, honest, and loyal.

A good professional life and a happening love life is all that a Sagittarius dreams about. Leos are a complete package of confidence amalgamated with humor. Regardless of how much they deny, they look for a soulmate. Whereas, Sagittarians strongly believe in the concept of soulmates. They are someone who invests their emotions with utmost care. And yet, these two signs can completely vibe. How?

The Archers are obsessed with their Me-Time, FREEDOM, and PRIVACY. Among all the zodiac signs, Leo respects freedom and privacy the most. Their honest character walks side by side with their loyalty. So, when it would be too clingy, they will let the Sag know and yet stay by their side. A Sagittarius may wander from time to time but they will always find their way home at the night and come back to have a lazy dinner with their Leo.

Sagittarius Man- The Passionate Wanderer

Libra (23rd September to 22nd October)

Libra Personality Traits – Understanding, harmonious, caring, romantic, charming, and supportive.

Frankly, Librans are very different from Sagittarius. When Sagittarius would want to go to parties, a Libra would prepare a romantic dinner at home every Saturday. Under the shelter of Venus, the planet of beauty and luxury Libra tends to be superficial at times but under the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius seeks adventures and experience in life.

As popular as it is, the opposite attracts. These two completely different zodiac signs share one common trait, understanding. They have so much to teach each other. A Libra can teach Sagittarius new levels of unconditional love and Sags can teach Libra the fun and optimistic way to live life to the fullest. With their understanding, they can create a romantic and deeply connected relationship.

So, if you are an Aries, Leo, Libra, or Sagittarius and you meet a Sag this Sagittarius Season 2020, give it a chance.

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