October New Moon in Libra Will Create Problems For these 4 Zodiac

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Moon, a planet in astrology most famous for the intense energy. It is the significator & ruler of mind. With the circle, it is the reason all the emotional ebb and flow. As October New Moon in Libra coming close, there will be a flood of sentiments, excitements, and thrill in the fall. Right after a short time of Mars Retrograde and Rahu Transit, the New Moon is all set to sail the boat of adventures.

Amid all the fun and squishy sail, there will signs that may experience not the best of their life. Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are the 4 signs that will be dealing with A LOT during the October New Moon phase. These are all Cardinal signs. They are the frontrunners of the Zodiac Cycle and symbolize the beginning of four seasons. As the New Moon in Libra would put an end to Summer and mark the beginning of Winter, these signs would take the maximum impact of shift.

These are the 4 zodiac signs that will have to bear the negative impression of New Moon falling on October 16.

Aries (21st March to 19th April)

Comprehensively, New Moon in Libra would be extra special for you.

You embrace a dynamic go-getter attitude. However, this time period may shake lose your real guise. To pick it back again, you would have to struggle through a heap of other feelings. As you put your hand in the pile of emotions it might give you a sense of sea. Perhaps, it would be more than just amazing if you just sit back for a while.

Aries has the energy to work without a blink. WE GET IT. But maybe it is the time to rekindle your relationships. It is more than just essential to recharge your personal battery. If you have been feeling distant lately, trust us, NEW MOON will gradually fix this issue.

Cancer (21st June to 22nd July)

Not to feel weird but you kinda need a reason to reaccess everything in your life; it is your every month story.

Libra Season is all about it. It is the time when you can grow and do better for all you acquaintances. This is the perfect season to work on partnership, comfort, and inner beauty. With a more than average mood change and chatty-patty nature, you are both liked and disliked by people. Worry not, your friends have always got your back. But we can’t say the same about New Moon in Libra.

You are the sign of Water Element. As the Moon has a straight connection with water and is your sign lord, with its change in cycle it brings you a swamp of emotions. With time, you would start handling your feelings fine but the phase of New Moon can be a little tough. Hold on tight.

Libra (23rd September to 22nd October)

Given that New Moon is taking place in your own season and you define all about partnership, be ready for a flood of modified emotions. During the season and the Moon, it would be you creating and wiping all the mess. After all, you are a generous zodiac sign and you drown in guilt in less than 1 second. So, whatever is that you could ruin, will be fixed by you only.

You keep a grip on your emotions. And you try to keep them away. However, for once in a lifetime, think about yourself. You should also matter to you. After being a sign of harmony, you must save some balance for your life too. Perhaps, all the tension created around you is a symbol and maybe it would be just about the right time you took a little time off. Fly away to the place your heart desire. A little relaxation can fix everything.

Capricorn (22nd December to 19th January)

You always look for a chance to get inspired. You feel like it’s your duty to be seen. However, the October New Moon in Libra will be exhausting for you.

Especially, if you have already taken a break, you will have to spend hella energy to compensate the time. With each effort, you will experience a change in your emotion. It might piss you off a little for a while but you are an Earth Sign. You are someone who doesn’t know to quit. So, eventually it would be you who wins.

Perhaps, it is the best time for you to analyse the worth of your efforts. It might take you to level of elbow grease but at least you would know your mental or physical health is not to be blamed for your struggle.

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