Offer This Flower to God for Absolute Success and Wealth

Offer This Flower to God for Absolute Success and Wealth

Flowers are an integral part of the religious offerings in India. Different flowers have special significance in Hinduism. Religious rituals, worship, aarti, etc. are considered incomplete without flowers. Regarding flowers, it is said in the book called Sharda Tilak- Daivasya Mastakam Kuryatkusumopahitam Sada.

That is, the head of the deity should always be adorned with flowers.

By the way, any flower can be offered to any god, but some flowers are special to the gods. The description of these flowers is found in various religious texts.

They are happy to offer flowers of their choice to the gods and can fulfill every wish of the seeker. Today we are telling you which flowers should be offered in the worship of which god-

Flower for Lord Shri Ganesh –

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shriganesh can be offered all kinds of flowers except Tulsidas. It is also written in the Padmapurana Acharatna that ‘No Tulasya Ganadhipam’, ie never worship Ganesha from Tulsi. There is a tradition of offering Durva to Ganesha. Ganesh is very fond of Durva. If there are three or five leaves on the upper part of the Durva, then it is very good.

Flower for Lord Shiva-

There is a principle to offer flowers of Dhatura, Harsingar, and white flowers of Nagakesar, dried lotus Gatte, Kaner, Kusum, Aak, Kush etc. to Lord Shankar.

Lord Vishnu-

Lord Vishnu loves flowers of Kamal, Maulsiri, Juhi, Kadamba, Kevda, Jasmine, Ashoka, Malati, Vasanti, Champa, Vyjayanti. In addition to this, Vishnu is pleased very quickly by offering a basil party to Lord Vishnu. In Kartik month, Lord Narayana is particularly pleased with worshiping with Ketki flowers. But Aak, Dhatura, Shirish, Sahajan, Semal, Kachnar and sycamore, etc. on Vishnu Ji.

Flower for Surya Narayana-

Surya Narayana is worshiped with Kutj flowers. Apart from this, flowers of Kaner, Kamal, Champa, Palash, Aak, Ashok, etc. are also dear to him.

Lord Shri Krishna-

Referring to his favorite flowers from Yudhishthira in the Mahabharata, Shri Krishna says – I love the flowers of Kumud, Karwari, Chanak, Malati, Palash, and Vanmala. Thus, offering them to Lord Krishna pleases him.

Bhagwati Gauri-

All the flowers that you offer Lord Shiva are dear to Goddess Bhagwati. The mother of flowers offering to God. Apart from this, flowers of Bella, white lotus, Palash, Champa can also be offered.

Flower for Lakshmiji-

The favorite flower of goddess Lakshmi is the lotus. She sits on a lotus flower. Besides, you can also please her by offering yellow flowers. She is also very fond of red roses.

Flower for Hanuman Ji-

Lord Hanuman is the symbol of devotion, courage, and energy. The red color symbolizes the same. Therefore, he is very fond of red flowers. Hence red roses, red marigold etc can be offered to him.

Mother Kali-

The favorite flower of Goddess kali Gudhal or jaggery flowers. Additionally, offering 108 red jaggery flowers to Kali Maa fulfill the desire.

Flower for Maa Durga-

Goddess Durga symbolizes fire and energy. Among all the colors, Red is the significator of energy. Thus it is best to offer her flowers of red color. Petunia, Gerbera, Red Lilies, and Red Hibiscus are the best flowers to offer Goddess Durga.

Maa Saraswati-

Goddess Sarawati is the emblem of peace and harmony. She is fond of colors that signify peace. Therefore, white or yellow-colored flowers are very affluent. It pleases Maa Saraswati. Maa Saraswati is also pleased with white rose, white Kaner, or yellow marigold flower.

Shani Dev-

All the flowers of dark color are loved by Shani Dev. You may offer blue Lajwanti flowers to him. In addition to offering any blue or dark-colored flowers to Shani Dev brings prosperous results. You may offer Blue Hydrangea, Delphinium, Bluestar, and Bellflower.

Things to keep in mind While Offering Flower-

Here are a few things you must take care before you pray-

  • Never worship God with dried and stale flowers. It doesn’t please them. Also, it brings bad luck.
  • The belief about the lotus flower is that this flower does not go rancid even for ten to fifteen days. Thus, you may let the flowers stay in front of worship idols.
  • You should never any flower bud other than Champa’s to the deities. It is not fortunate.
  • Usually, people offer flowers to God with hands placed in their hands. It is not the ideal way to make the offering. You should keep the flowers in a holy vessel in order to offer them. You should offer it to the deities yourself.
  • Basil leaves are not considered stale for 11 days. You can offer it again to God by sprinkling water on its leaves every day.
  • According to the Hindu scriptures, beloved flowers to Shiva are not considered stale for six months. Therefore, they can be sprinkled with water and offered again on Shivling.

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