On 42nd Birthday of Shahid Kapoor, Know How His Year 2023 Would Be

Kundli analysis of Shahid kapoor on his birthday

People love Shahid Kapoor intensely for his acting and characters in Jab We Met, Vivah, and Ishq vishq. Once popularly known for his sweet rom-com movies, he has now proved himself as a diverse actor with versatile roles. At first, he gained notoriety for playing romantic roles, but he has subsequently taken on roles in action movies and thrillers. He has won numerous accolades, notably three Filmfare Awards. On February 25 this year, Shahid Kapoor will turn 42. Let us see his horoscope for the year and other details about his life and planets in the Kundli.

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Role of astrology in Shahid Kapoor’s career

Shahid Kapoor wanted to pursue a career in dance, so he enrolled in the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts (SDIPA). In the movie Taal, he performed as a background dancer. He continued working on a couple of commercials for Pepsi and Clinic Plus. He also appeared in the Aryans’ music video for Aankhon Me Tera Hi Chehra. 

But what changed his career was his debut movie. In 2003, Kapoor made his acting debut alongside Amrita Rao in Ken Ghosh’s love story Ishq Vishq as a jovial college student. At the box office, the movie has immediately deemed a success. Since, 

In the thriller Fida the following year, when he co-starred with Kareena Kapoor and Fardeen Khan, Kapoor reconnected with director Ken Ghosh once more.

Jupiter is in the 3rd house of his natal chart, which imposed a quite strong impact on his life during this period. This placement brings immense success and material possessions in the natives’ life. The movie Vivah, which was not only praised but also adored by viewers all over the world, marked a turning point in Shahid Kapoor’s life. 

The superstar didn’t look back after that and continued to produce successful films— like Jab We Met, Mausam, Haider, and Udta Punjab. Shahid played a drug-abusing rock star in the 2016 crime drama Udta Punjab. The crowd enjoyed this movie, and most of Shahid’s critics praised his performance.

Mercury is in the 7th house of Shahid Kapoor Kundli. This depicts that the native is charitable and has a kind heart. He adopted three communities as part of NDTV’s Greenathon initiative. He has approximately 20 million Instagram followers, making him one of the most well-known figures on the platform.

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Shahid Kapoor Kundli analysis

Shahid Kapoor was born in New Delhi, India’s capital, on February 25, 1981, at 4:30 PM. He is the son of actors Neelima Azeem and Pankaj Kapoor. He is a socially outgoing and naturally talented dancer who enjoys lending a hand and raising money for charitable causes. His followers all over the world adore his smile and sense of humour. Let us look at his planetary positions to know the reason behind the actor’s superb name and fame.

Sun in 8th house

In the birth chart of Shahid Kapoor, the planet Sun is under the Aquarius sign in the 8th house. This house, according to astrology, represents financial gains. He will undoubtedly become quite wealthy over his lifetime. Moreover, this planetary position indicates that the actor most certainly came from a wealthy family and is the master of existence and inherited wealth.

Moon in 4th house

His natal chart has the Moon under the Libra zodiac sign and in the 4th house. He appears to be a happy person because the Moon is in the fourth house. It is evident from the moment he was born because he seemed to have had a great time growing up in his hometown. Consequently, he has a happy place in his heart for his birthplace. Additionally, he was predestined to be born with an attractive physique. The Moon in Libra also indicates that he will enjoy the benefits of riches and property, particularly land. His life will be full of tremendous deeds that will make people happy and bring him affection.

Mercury in 7th house

His natal chart shows the planet Mercury in Capricorn and the 7th house. As per the horoscope of Shahid Kapoor, he would have ended up becoming someone who makes a lot of money from his hard work because of the presence of Mercury in the Capricorn sign. His family would satisfy him in life. Additionally, there will be great strength and bravery in the spouse’s home. This combination also indicates that his persistence will propel him to success in financial endeavours.

Venus in 8th house

Venus is in the Aquarius zodiac sign and the 8th house in the natal chart of the actor. Venus is a sign of great attention in his work and shows that he has a reputation for being a considerate person. Via his careful planning and research, he consistently finds advantages for himself in difficult situations. 

Jupiter in 3rd house

Jupiter is in the sign of Virgo and the third house in the natal chart. Given that Jupiter rules the Virgo sign, there may be numerous opportunities for the native to outperform his contemporaries through vigour and physical prowess. It implies that he will utilise his physical strength at various times during your existence.

Saturn in 3rd house

Saturn is in the Virgo sign and 3rd house of the natal chart. As per the natal chart of Shahid Kapoor, he would give whatever it takes to make things work and possesses a lot of enthusiasm. He is likely to engage in a daily activity that takes tremendous energy from him to equal his energy.

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Shahid Kapoor horoscope 2023

Taking note of his birth details, we can see that Shahid Kapoor is a Pisces. Here is what he can expect in the coming year.

  • Being a Pisces, he will enjoy a successful year with a brand-new start. With his acting prowess and capabilities, he would unquestionably be able to show what he is all about this year.
  • Moreover, the natal chart of Shahid Kapoor foretells a financial fortune for natives in 2023. He will undoubtedly feel prosperous, and more money will come in than in past years.
  • In terms of love, he will be blessed and spend a lot of time with his spouse. The couple shall have a great time together, and there may be more trips and vacations. It would give us some couple photo inspo from the two of them.
  • If we look at his horoscope financially, more money will roll into his life. He would be successful in his professional domain and give good films during the year. Planets are in his favour, and there is a sign of substantial growth in his professional graph.
  • For Shahid Kapoor, things look good for family life and health. There is an indication that efforts will be put to build good bonds and having a fulfilling family life. In terms of health, the natives may experience a lack of energy. However, with a good diet, exercise, and sleep, he can bring his high energy back on track. 

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What Dasha in 2023 will impact his life?

  • In the year 2023, Shahid Kapoor will be under the Mercury Mahadasha. This placement and Dasha depict that in the year ahead, he shall strengthen his bond with his wife and kids. 
  • Not only that, his fan following and professional family will shower immense love on him due to his continued deeds of kindness and his incredible movies. 
  • He will spend a lot of good time with his kids and wife, and there also seem to be a lot of vacations and trips in this placement, since Mercury is consorting with the Capricorn sign. 
  • The placement of Mercury in this Dasha period shows growth in income, professional reputation, and career. 
  • This placement signifies good use of skills and development in his expertise. This Dasha period signifies the peak of his professional life. Fans are already happy with his web series— Farzi. 
  • We hope Shahid Kapoor will awe us with his great acting skills and wonderful moves this year too. 

Having said that, we wish Shahid Kapoor a very happy birthday!

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