On Abhishek Bachchan Birthday, Know the Planetary Dasha That Made His OTT Career Successful

4 Zodiac Signs That Excel In Self-Control ग्रहों दशाएं, अभिषेक बच्चन ओटीटी करियर (Planetary Positions, Abhishek Bachchan OTT Career)

One of Bollywood’s most loved actors has to be Abhishek Bachchan who is known for his iconic Dhoom series and other successful movies have recently become India’s favourite for his witty tweets, replies, humble media interaction, but mostly his OTT transformation. On his 46th birthday, let us know about his life and how the planetary Dashas created a big change in his career and success growth ever since.  

Abhishek Bachchan made his debut in Bollywood in 2000 with the J.P. Dutta film Refugee. But this movie didn’t do well at the box office. After that, he appeared in a number of films, but none of them were particularly successful. This made lots of people marvel at his acting abilities. However, his strong will didn’t let him lose hope in his acting career. His outstanding performance in Mani Ratnam’s Yuva in 2004 brought him praise from critics and the Best Supporting Actor Filmfare Award.

Currently, the junior Bachchan is called the “Bachchan of the OTT platform.” He is winning hearts, making growths, and performing significantly awesomely in the digital curve here. 

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OTT journey of Abhishek Bachchan

Not everybody’s cup of tea is being on OTT platforms. Where the senior Bachchan has been a legend in the Bollywood world, Abhishek Bachchan is constantly making his own identity. Let us have a look at his OTT journey and how they were.

Abhishek Bachchan made a great comeback after quitting movies with the series Breathe: Into the Shadows on Amazon Prime. Right from the first episode, he was a hit! Be it his acting skills or dialogue delivery, Abhishek Bachchan ruled the hearts of every watcher out there. Ahead, his projects include Ludo & Dasvi on Netflix, Big Bull on Hotstar, and Bob Biswas on Zee 5. 

Recently, Abhishek Bachchan won the award for the best actor (male) for his web original series Dasvi. His movie, Dasvi won the award for the best web original film at the Filmfare OTT Awards 2022, held in December 2022. 

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Abhishek Bachchan Kundli Analysis

As per the astrological analysis of his Kundli, Abhishek Bachchan’s date of birth is February 5, 1976. His birth time is 01:00 AM and his birth place is Mumbai, Maharashtra. As per his birth chart, he is a Libra ascendant and his Moon sign is Pisces zodiac sign. As for the other planets, here is their position in his natal chart.

Sun in 4th house

In the Kundli of Abhishek Bachchan, Sun is in the Capricorn zodiac sign and 4th house. Because of it, he might have experience weaknesses in his life in the beginning but shall accumulate wealth and abundance in the middle ages. Happiness will be there because of family and he is and will be extremely close to his mother. 

Moon in 6th house

His Moon is in the Pisces sign and 6th house. With an excellent persona and chill mind, he will be a person of great asset and splendid nature. He will be full of dignity and personality to keep great contacts in and outside the profession. Being close to his father, he will overcome enemies and follow the right path to make a place of his own.

Mercury in 3rd house

Mercury is located in the Sagittarius sign and 3rd house in the horoscope of Abhishek Bachchan. With this position, he will enjoy exceptional luck in his professional life. It makes him courageous, brave, and someone who wishes to take risks in life and his career.  

Venus in 3rd house

Venus is in the Sagittarius sign and 3rd house of his Kundli. Its alignment with Sagittarius indicates that he is a very vivacious individual. He enjoys activities that need effort as well. Moreover, it also makes him go above and beyond to achieve the best outcome in his career and occupation, making him a very fast learner. 

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Jupiter in 6th house

Jupiter is located in Pisces and is the 6th house in the birth chart. Its position here makes him bold by nature. He is someone who does the right thing without fear. In addition, he works incredibly hard. Even though he would face some ups and downs in his life he would be open to facing challenges and conquering them.

Mars in 8th house

In the Taurus sign and 8th house, Mars resides. He might experience a rough time in his career and professional life. However, with the Bull attitude, he would win his shots every time he feels down. There could be some issues in his personal life for some years of his life. But, things won’t be difficult for long and he will lead a good life ahead. Siblings would be close too.

Saturn in 10th house

Saturn is in the Cancer sign and 10th house. This position of Saturn provides the native strength in life because of the children. And, we can clearly see his life changed post the birth of his daughter. Moreover, it signifies happiness and comfort in life because of hard work and the right amount of effort.

Rahu in 1st house

Rahu is in the ascendant house in his Kundli. It makes him a clever and brainy person. He will be full of tactful and vigilant skills who know his ways to earn fame. He might stay a little stressed physically and mentally for a while but it won’t be permanent and he will make his way through things perfectly in his mature years. 

Ketu in 7th house

Ketu in his Kundli is in the 7th house and Aries zodiac sign. Primarily, it might create issues in the early ages regarding career building. However, in the long run, he would perform well and seek success in the profession he picks. 

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Planetary Dasha that made his OTT career successful

Venus Dasha and Saturn Antardasha

  • Abhishek Bachchan made his debut in July 2020. During this period, he was under the Venus Dasha and Saturn Antardasha. It provides some really great results with some hindrances from time to time. 
  • Fame, reputation, and recognition will be in the bag for him. Inclination towards earning a well-deserved life increases. Hence, it makes the period one of the most successful periods in his professional world. 
  • During the Venus Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha, natives become prone to some distress. It clearly explains some of the failed projects which he chose during the period.
  • However, on the other hand, he made a successful graph as soon as he stepped into the OTT platform.
  • Later during the same Dasha, he did successful movies like Ludo, Big Bull, and Bob Biswas. 
  • Moreover, the Dasha and the Antardasha lead to a splendidly great time for his child too. Hence, it added to the improvement of his relationship with his only daughter. 

Venus and Mercury Antardasha

  • Both planets are friends with each other. Hence, it helps the native lead a happy life and be successful. Not only does the native earn riches and recognition, but he also attains great leaps in life and career. 
  • In the horoscope of Abhishek Bachchan, from January 2021, he enters the Mercury Antardasha. Thus, it was an excellent period for him as he was into creative fields like acting, art, writing, etc. 
  • During this time, he signed up for some big movies and starred in Dasvi. 
  • Moreover, it’s ongoing Dasha and has already made him win a Filmfare award for OTT in December and enjoy a successful season of the Breathe: Into the shadows sequel.
  • The Mercury Antardasha will be there for him till 2024 and he already is expecting approximately 3-4 movies. 
Soon, you will see the junior Bachchan in the movie Bholaa in March 2023. Until then, we wish Abhishek Bachchan a very happy birthday!

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