How Past Life Karma Affects Our Zodiac Signs

How Your Past Life Karmas Affects Our Zodiac Signs

We know that the Horoscope made at the time of birth is not an optional document or simple chart prepared by a priest! Rather, it is the physical format of actual depiction and allocation of the planets and their positions in our life based on the outcome of deeds of our Karma in Past Life. This may not be the result of just one past life but as many as our 108 previous lives.

Now since the past life has passed, and it is fixed or immutable, thus, you can’t change it. In the same way, our Horoscope cannot be changed by anyone. No one means nobody, even Brahma (the creator of the horoscope) can’t change it.

Significance of Horoscope

Significance of Horoscope

Your Horoscope is a vision based on your previous birth. Therefore, these deeds were wrong or good, those deeds in previous lives were intolerable to you or you chose them. Moreover, this is the result of your accumulated deeds!

At the same time, there is clear guidance to the specificity and purpose of your present birth. Also, it clearly explains what you will get or not in your present life! All the sensations, nobility and virtue of our previous birth are clearly depicted in our horoscope.

How to Know Horoscope?

Forecast of a Horoscope takes place on the basis of name, date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth. Furthermore, in accordance with the position of Sun, Moon and other planets, a native’s Doshas and Yoga are calculated. Furthermore, the Nakshatras also play a crucial role to get insight into the future, define personality traits and calculate the happening of life.

Now if this was the basic principle of Indian Vedic astrology, then all those born rich with good Yogas would have carried this legacy forward for generations to come. Many established trading empires would not have disappeared. In the same way, generations of poor born people would remain poor. And there are no new business institutions or new startups. And this is where our present karma plays an important role.

This is the reason or truth where I clearly state that each Horoscope has both negative and positive planets. However, the results critically depend on how we drive them with the deeds of the present life.

Horoscope and Karma Theory

Many times most negative planets can give the best results. Also, many times we fail to attain the best Yogas and are deprived of their better results. As we know the nature and universe move on the theory of “as you sow so shall you reap”.

Therefore, we must learn from our past life deeds, seek guidance on how to manage our Present Life Karma. Also, not only manage but also improve the present and lay the foundation for the next future.

Relationship of Past Life, Horoscope and Present Life

The position of the horoscope or its planets cannot be changed. But we can take advantage of planetary change, condition, and transit. They all change over time. Also, here comes the role of our Karma.

The deeds of our present life can be changed or banned from our hands. In addition, in a circumstance of confusion, guidance from the best Astrologers at the right time can make a difference.

Suggestion- Shani or Saturn is the Lord of Karma, thus, one may pray to him.

Karma Relationship of Past Life, Horoscope and Present Life

Vedic astrology correlates various aspects of our Horoscope with each other’s past birth and karma accumulated in it. The deeds of previous births form our horoscope and the horoscope is a very clear and definite reflection of our past birth deeds good or bad. We enjoy the benefits of positively placed planets in the horoscope. Similarly, bear the stress of negative planets.

Vedic Astrology Vs Western Astrology

This is where Indian Vedic astrology is different from Western astrology! Indian astrology deals with past life deeds and guides towards the betterment of present life deeds. Whereas western astrology deals only in future predictions.

It is doubtful how the right guidance can be given without reading the good and faulty deeds of the person. Because astrology is not for changing planets, but for changing karma.

Impact of the Birth chart

A Birth Chart or Kundli of a person is the basis of all major decisions and happenings in life. The horoscope as mentioned above gives us a clear indication of how education should be taken. Significantly, it indicates, which career we should choose, whether we should do a job or a business, and if doing business, what kind of business, with whom and when can bring positive results.

It explains to a great extent who we should marry and whether there will be children or not. Now all these factors come out of the horoscope which is the result of the accumulated karma of our previous life, therefore past life has a direct effect on a Horoscope.

Impact of Past Life on Horoscope

The Horoscope mirrors the individual’s present way of life from past deeds. If one did not give respect to the Gurus or elders in the previous birth (births), then in the present life there will be weak Jupiter in the horoscope and the native will continue to struggle to become a good scholar and a person with a fine character.

A person who did not primarily honor the mother in the Past Life, will have a weak moon in the horoscope and the mind will always float (kicking hands and feet) and in the present time. On the other hand, the female gender will never get respect.

Impact of Past Life on Horoscope

In a previous birth, the person who is mainly harassing the wife will have a perverted Venus And marriage, married life may face problems. If someone has harmed normal beings in the past life (births), then the chances of getting a defect are increased with serious issues in procuring children.

Somebody gets sudden benefits like a lottery, contests, prizes, adoption of an orphan by a rich family. And someone gets sudden loss, sudden death, incurable disease. Anyone having persistent health problems indicates that the person must have tortured others or treated them badly. Saturn or Rahu will be seated in the 2nd house (second house) in the present horoscope.

All this is the result of our accumulated karma. Accumulated karma is reflected in our horoscope which can play a very important role in our present life.

Karma Correction

Now if a negative or positive planet is placed in the horoscope and we know the real reasons behind it. I think that the journey of the present life and its actions will be greatly simplified. Performing rituals, wearing gems, performing havan, Yagya, Daan (donation), etc. to increase your intelligence and good deeds to please God.

Karma Correction

Similarly, Pitra Dosh in Kundli occurs due to the poor Past Life Karma of ancestors. However, a native that has Pitra Dosha is suggested to keep their parents happy, stay with them, take good care of them. Also, try to fulfill their unfinished tasks and obligations. This will help reduce the effects of Pitra Dosha compared to feeding and donating.

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