Past Life – Why Do We Forget Everything?


Why don’t we remember the things of our Past Life? – let’s learn

Often we talk about rebirth and past life. And sometimes people also claim to be related to it, but have you ever thought about why we do not remember things related to our previous birth? Let us know some unpopular aspects related to rebirth.

Scientific Explanation

Scientists believe that there is a chemical called Oscitocin behind not remembering the things of previous birth. This chemical is released from the mother’s womb during pregnancy, but if this element comes from the mother’s womb with the baby, then they may remember all the things of past life.

Fear of death

If we have died in a previous life due to some tragic reason, then remembering those incidents in the current life will make the person grieving again, and continuously the thinking about the past life’s experiences and sorrows.

Rituals After Death

In Hinduism, the cranial action is also performed at the time of funeral. About half an hour after burning the body, most of the flesh and bones of the body turns into ashes. Further, a lota is tied in a bamboo and more ghee is added to the head of the body. So that no part of the head is saved from burning. This is called the Kapal Kriya.

It is believed that if a part of the head or brain is left from burning, then the person remembers things of the previous life in the next life.

Natural reason

Nature has made man’s mind to forget and create new everytime. We often forget the past things over time, forget the old things and think about new things over time. Often, bad things happen to a person in life, which he forgets and starts a new life. If a man has no tendency to forget, then it will be impossible for them to start a new beginning. Therefore, it is impossible to remember the things of previous birth.

Significant Abilities

Some people get a sense of their past lives. Like what was their name, where did they live, who were their parents, etc. This has happened many times but is very rarely seen. However, there are high chance of this being an inevitable truth.

Karma and soul

Our scriptures also clearly state that his next birth is improved by deeds of present. The deeds of the soul draw a human being towards their previous birth. Therefore, it is always said for the person who lives a good life that they must have done some good deeds in the previous life.

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