People Born On These Birth Dates Can’t Stand Lies


Numerology is a belief system that attributes specific traits and characteristics to individuals based on their birth dates. Each birth date carries unique energies and vibrations that influence a person’s personality, preferences, and dislikes. Some individuals may have a strong aversion to lies and deception due to the influence of their numerological birth dates. In this article, we explore the birth dates of individuals who cannot stand lies as per numerology, shedding light on the qualities that contribute to their integrity and honesty.

Understanding Numerology and Birth Dates:

Numerology is based on the belief that each number holds a specific vibration and energy that shapes an individual’s personality and life path. By reducing birth dates to single-digit numbers or master numbers (11, 22, or 33), numerologists reveal insights into a person’s character traits and tendencies, including their attitudes towards honesty and truthfulness.

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Birth Date 1:

The Authentic Truth Seekers People born on dates that reduce to the number 1 may have an innate aversion to lies and deception. The number 1 is associated with independence, leadership, and authenticity. As authentic truth seekers, individuals with this birth date value honesty and straightforwardness in all their interactions.

  • Traits: Independent, assertive, honest, and direct.
  • Aversion to Lies: They cannot stand lies because they believe in being true to themselves and others, expecting the same from those around them.

Birth Date 10:

The Sincere Communicators Individuals born on dates that reduce to the number 10 possess a sincere and candid communication style. The number 10 carries the energies of the nurturing number 1 and the intuitive and sensitive number 0. This combination fosters a deep appreciation for honesty and genuine interactions.

  • Traits: Sincere, empathetic, intuitive, and caring.
  • Aversion to Lies: They cannot tolerate lies because they value authentic connections and emotional honesty.

Birth Date 19:

The Integrity Keepers People born on dates that reduce to the number 19 often hold integrity and truthfulness in high regard. The number 19 combines the leadership qualities of number 1 with the wisdom and introspection of number 9. This blend fosters a strong sense of personal integrity and a distaste for deceit.

  • Traits: Courageous, wise, introspective, and compassionate.
  • Aversion to Lies: They cannot stand lies because they value living in alignment with their principles and beliefs.

Birth Date 28:

The Trust Builders Individuals born on dates that reduce to the number 28 are natural trust builders in their relationships. The number 28 carries the energies of the diplomatic number 2 and the practical and reliable number 8. This combination enhances their ability to create trustworthy connections based on honesty and dependability.

  • Traits: Trustworthy, diplomatic, practical, and reliable.
  • Aversion to Lies: They cannot tolerate lies because they understand the importance of trust in building strong and meaningful relationships.

Birth Date 29:

The Empathetic Discerners People born on dates that reduce to the number 29 possess a keen sense of empathy and discernment. The number 29 combines the intuitive and caring number 2 with the adventurous and independent number 9. This combination grants them the ability to sense dishonesty and the need for authenticity.

  • Traits: Empathetic, adventurous, intuitive, and independent.
  • Aversion to Lies: They cannot stand lies because they rely on their intuition to identify genuine connections and relationships.


Numerology offers insights into certain personality traits and tendencies associated with specific birth dates, including a strong aversion to lies and deceit. People born on these birth dates value honesty, authenticity, and integrity in their interactions with others. Their natural inclination towards truthfulness stems from their intrinsic desire for genuine connections and meaningful relationships.

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