Planetary Indications- Understand what Planets Indicate Before Damage

Planetary Indications- Understand what Planets Indicate Before Damage

It is important to understand planetary indications before damage is done. “Planets send indications before giving any inauspicious result. So if we understand these planetary indications and take precautions or do remedies then we can save ourselves from upcoming disasters.”

Success and failures never lie in our hands. It depends upon the two most important factors, one is Karma (Work) and the other is Bhagya (Luck). We have control only upon our Karma rest depends upon Bhagya. We can look around and find several people working hard and rigorously then too success is far away from their reach while some get it without putting lots of effort.

According to astrology, your luck is guided by nine planets of the solar system. So if we could understand indications from our planet then we can save ourselves from disasters. Here I am giving you tips to understand these planetary indications. So let’s dive in-


  • If your eyes are getting weak and having irritation in them, there are good chances that your planet Sun is showing malefic indications. If your sun is malefic then you may have problems in your eyes.
  • Sun is also related to bones. If you have pain in your bones or have any other problem related to bones that may be an inauspicious effect of planet Sun.
  • If you are facing setbacks in any pending case in court then it is an inauspicious effect of planet sun.
  • Inauspicious sun provokes you to fight with government officers and powerful people, this way you get in trouble. So be aware
  • Diseases like pain in the head, skin problems, and any issue related to eyes are due to the inauspicious effect of planet Sun.
  • The inauspicious effect of the Sun provokes you to fight with your father.


  • If your water tank leaking again and again or water taps are breaking down frequently, then it indicates that your planet moon is showing an inauspicious effect.
  • If water-related equipment are not working properly and breaking down again and again then you should consider it as a negative effect of planet moon.
  • In case if you wear Pearl Ring and you lose pearl accidentally then it is an indication that your planet moon is negative.


  • If you are facing property-related disputes then It may be due to the inauspicious Mars.
  • In case you get injured by any weapon then check out your planet mars.
  • If you indulge in a fight with a police officer then definitely planet Mars is inauspicious for you.
  • Mars is related to your property, if bricks of your house are breaking then you should be cautious about the negative effect of Mars.
  • Fire is the sign of Mars, So if the fire of Havan Kund suddenly extinguishes during Pooja, Then it’s a sure indication of Mars being inauspicious.
  • If your property caught fire then surely Mars is negative.


  • If you have a tendency of forgetting anything that you read then it may be due to negative Mercury.
  • If you have any dispute with a merchant then it indicates to be cautious about negative Mercury.
  • Skin diseases are an indication of inauspicious Mercury.
  • If you have a green cloth and it gets damaged suddenly then, be aware of negative Mercury.


  • Jupiter is related to wisdom and wealth, so if you indulge in a fight with a teacher, then Jupiter is negative.
  • If you see development in your habit of telling a lie then it’s due to the inauspicious effect of Jupiter.
  • In case your books are getting ripped up then it can be due to negative Jupiter.
  • If you lose valuable ornaments then your Jupiter is not showing good results. Find a remedy for it.


  • Venus is related to luxury and all beautiful things of life. So if you get into a fight with a beautiful female then Venus is working against you.
  • If your perfume bottle falls on the floor or leaks suddenly then it’s due to negative Venus.
  • In case your new clothes get damaged or you purchase faulty clothes without paying much attention, it can be due to inauspicious Venus.
  • If your vehicle is breaking down again and again then your Venus is against you.


  • Though it looks inappropriate but indulges in a fight with a handicapped person then Saturn is against you.
  • If you are lazy and feel sleepy the whole day or sleep more than enough then it’s due to negative Saturn.
  • If you get hurt from Iron or Steel then it’s an indication of negative Saturn.
  • Also, if you have any animal of black color and it dies, then Saturn is showing an inauspicious effect.


  • If your nails are damaged or you have a habit of nail-biting then look to show your chart to an astrologer, your Rahu may be against you.
  • In case you lose your pet somehow then it indicates that Rahu is showing a negative effect.
  • If you find a Dead Lizard in the house then malefic Rahu may be behind it.


  • If you are getting auspicious and inauspicious news suddenly without any prior indication then be aware Ketu is playing with you.
  • When you see cracks or damage in the nails of your legs then it can be due to negative Ketu.
  • If your pet bird dies then Ketu may be responsible.
  • Negative Ketu negatively affects your communication skills. If abusive words come out suddenly from your mouth without any intention then it is surely a negative effect of Rahu.
  • If due to casual fun and mockery you indulge in a fight then never forget Ketu’s ability to spoil communication skills and sense of humor.

These are some Planetary Indications which may warn you before any big disaster happens in your life. Keep a note of it and in case you are facing issues then feel free to contact me. I am always there for you as your Astroguide.

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