PM CARES Fund- Contribution made by Celebrities


The novel Coronavirus has infected people all across the globe. India is also in the clasp of this deadly virus. The Coronavirus cases have risen to approximately 5,000 leading to 184 deaths so far. In fact there no stop to it is its increasing at an unprecedented rate. To help the patients PM Modi has created the PM cares fund.

The fund will be used to help all the victims of COVID-19 in India. Though Narendra Modi is facing a lot of criticism from the mass as already 500 M in an old fund left unspent. However, despite a lot of backlash from the public many celebrities have contributed to the PM cares fund.

Bollywood Celebrities Contribution to the PM CARES Fund

  • The Badshah of Bollywood, King Khan has donated an undisclosed amount of money for the COVID-19 relief. In fact, his franchise KKR and NGO Meer Foundation will donate around 55.000 Personal Protective Equipment in Maharashtra and West Bengal.
  • The Khiladi Kumar that is our favorite Akshay Kumar gave a huge amount to the relief Fund. A total of Rupees 25 Crore was given by him to the PM fund. This generosity took twitter by storm and everyone appreciated his gesture along with Modi.
  • The newbie Vicky Kaushal also went ahead and gave a sum of 1 crore as a token of kindness for the Coronavirus pandemic relief fund.
  • Kangana Ranaut gave away Rupees 25 lakhs to the Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations Funds. Moreover, her mother gave way her one month pension as the charity for the fund.
  • Varun Dhawan donated Rupees 30 lakhs for the PM cares fund. He also pledged to contribute Rupees 25 Lakhs for the CM’s Relief Fund Maharashtra.
  • Further, the versatile Aamir Khan also gave his sincere contribution to the CM’s Relief Fund as well as in the PM Cares Fund. However, the amount is not known.
  • To combat thee COVID 19 Salman Khan took an extraordinary step. the nationwide lockdown affected the daily wage worker of the film industry. There are more than 25,000 employees that have faces a smashing blow due to the pandemic. Salman Khan had the list ready for the workers in need and decided to transfer money directly into their bank accounts.

Sportsperson Contribution in the PM CARES Fund

  • Badminton player PV Sindhu gave an amount of Rupees 10 lakh as a donation.
  • Former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has so far made the biggest donation among leading sports figures. He gave a number of Rupees 50 Lakhs for the Corona victims.
  • Further, Rohit Sharma cricketer also put a foot forward against this contagious SARSCOV-2. He donated Rupees 45 Lakhs and 25 Lakhs to the CM Relief Fund Maharashtra and PM CARES Fund respectively. Moreover, he gave an additional 5 lakhs to Zomato Feeding India and another 5 Lakhs to help stray dogs.
  • However, MS Dhoni’s contribution of Rupees 1 Lakh faced the wrath of Twitterarits. A sportsman of a net worth of 800 crore annually donated a menial amount of just Lkah was not appreciated by the countrymen.

So this was the list of some popular Bollywood celebrities and sportsperson who generously donated for the Coronavirus Pandemic. Apart from these names other big names that were praised for their kindness we’re Ratan Tata. He contributed 1500 crore for the relief fund that is so far the hugest amount. Azim Premji Wipro Foundation claimed to give way 1125 crore as the national emergency uprise.

I hope you guys stay home and under a lockdown for a few days until there’s a vaccine. Maintain social distance and quarantine for some time.

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