PM Modi Addresses Nation- Highlight and Astrological Point of View

PM Modi Addresses Nation- Highlight and Astrological Point of View

Today the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, addressed the nation the sixth time after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. He addressed the nation at 4 pm today. This address came amid the tense standoff between Indian and Chinese troops in Eastern Ladakh. The agenda was to speak about the guidelines for “Unlock 2”, which will come to effect from July 1st, 2020.

Here are the highlights from today’s 16- minute speech by the Prime Minister.

India still in a stable situation

PM Modi began his speech by stating that compared to other countries, India is still in a very stable situation regarding the battle against Coronavirus. He mentioned that the timely decision and measures taken by the government have played a great role to achieve this.

PM Urges the public to be cautious

PM Modi stated that India will be entering Unlock 2.0 from July 1st. Above all, he urged people to take care of themselves and be cautious as this is the season of cold, fever, and cough.

PM Warns against Negligence

Narendra Modi mentioned that during Unlock 1.0 we witnessed negligence from some people’s end. He requested the citizens of India to be more careful this time during Unlock 2.0. In addition, Modi stated that during the lockdown, people adhered to the rules. It is time now that the government, locals, and citizens show similar caution. Containment zones will be under special focus.

Govt taking care of the poor and needy

In his speech, the PM threw light on the statistics of the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana. Under the PMGKY, 20 crore accounts have received 31,000 crores in their Jan Dhan Account. Moreover, the government will be taking various measures to ensure that the poor are not adversely impacted due to the pandemic.

Free Ration Scheme extended till November

During the address, PM announced that the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana will be continued till November end. Around 80 crore people will benefit due to this. Moreover, 90 thousand crores are expected to be spent on this scheme. He thanked all the honest taxpayers and farmers of India.

One Nation, One Ration Card

PM Narendra Modi announced that a single ration card is being made for the whole of India. This scheme is called the ‘One Nation, One Ration Card’. This is aimed at benefiting the poor who travel to other states in search of employment.

PM Narendra Modi ended his speech by requesting all the citizens to follow the norms of social distancing in society and to be very cautious by wearing masks and washing their hands regularly.

As stated by the PM, it is very important to be safe and healthy during this pandemic. Here are few astrology (Vastu) tips to keep you healthy during the pandemic.

Use of Salt remedies to keep away diseases

One can improve their immune system and health by using rock salt or black salt in their diet, instead of using ordinary salt. This also helps in maintaining a peaceful and calm atmosphere in the house.

Use of Neem bark

The practice of putting a neem bark in an earthen pot with water helps improve one’s immune system. One must drink this water for a few days in the month of Chaitra to enhance immunity.

Burning of Kapur and Dhuna

According to Vastu, the burning of Kapur and Dhuna in the evening helps in maintaining a happy, cheerful, and healthy environment in the house. This creates a healthy form of living for the family.

Offering water to the Sun

The old practice of offering water to the sun in the morning is said to provide multiple health benefits according to Vastu. This helps us maintain a clean and healthy environment.

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