Top Precious Metal to Wear for Auspicious Results

Top Precious Metal to Wear for Auspicious Results

Nature has bestowed us many precious gifts like precious metals and Gemstone. Specifically, there are many types of metal like gold, silver, Lamba, iron, bronze, etc. Derived from the womb of the earth, these metals influence our lives in many ways. Often, you overlook the impact of the jewelry they wear and its ability to affect your body as well as your mind.

Each metal has its own significance and connection with the celestial bodies. Therefore, let us know about how different metals draw different impacts on our bodies.

Wearing Gold

Wearing metal  Gold

As wearing Gold makes you physically and mentally strong, this metal has a direct connection with the Sun. Furthermore, if a native has a weak or debilitated Jupiter in the horoscope, then wearing gold brings auspicious results. We can relate to wearing this metal with health, prosperity, and development. As the Best Astrologers of India say, wearing gold brings fortune and prosperity. Also, gold bestows a person a healthy and long life.

Wearing Silver Metal

Wearing metal Silver

In astrology, Silver due to the illumination has a close relationship with the bright planet Moon. And it is cold in nature. Astrologers suggest, a native, whose Moon gives inauspicious results in the Horoscope, must consider wearing Silver. Also, Silver offers positivity in many personal aspects, for example, it increases love and security.

If a gemstone is studded with silver jewelry, the energy of that gemstone reaches the body directly. Those who do not have a healthy mental condition and face contrast in the heart and mind must wear Silver metal.

Wearing Copper


According to Vedic Astrology, Venus and copper embrace positive relations. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, romance, erotic things, flowers, and pleasure. It draws a direct impact on the veins of the body.

In such a situation, wearing copper jewelry brings positive results like proper blood pressure and blood count. Also, Copper maintains the blood balance of the body. Specifically for women, it helps to reduce problems regarding menstruation.

Wearing Brass

According to Astrology, the effect of Brass is quite similar to the impact of Gold. It is also beneficial for strengthening the healing ability of the body. Furthermore, it brings prosperity. It is beneficial to wear a Gemstone that attracts wealth with Brass.

Wearing Bronze Metal

Generally, people do not wear Bronze as jewelry. However, it has a tremendous amount of benefits for the human body. For example, it cures the diseases and offers strength to the body.

Popularly, people use it as a pot to keep water. As a matter of fact, the benefits of water kept in a Bronze glass or jug is famous among all. Talking of the same, you should drink water from the Bronze metal pot at least once or twice a week. On the off chance that you choose to possess bronze adornments, you should take care to keep it dry and clean it all the time since bronze is inclined to oxidation.

You should cautiously clean your bronze gems all the time with a delicate, dry towel or material to secure the varnish and anticipate oxidation. You can also go for gemstone rings with the outline of Bronze metal.

Wearing Lead

Lead is related with Saturn, the planet of solidification, control, and persistence. These characteristics may not be as energizing as a portion of different Metals, yet are basic for our spirits’ improvement.

The old chemists sought after procedures to change over Lead into Gold, symbolizing the spirits’ adventure of advancement from the Material to the Transcendent state. Lead squares clairvoyant energies, just as being utilized on a physical level to contain and square destructive x-beams and radiation.

Wearing Iron Metal

According to Astrology, Iron is the metal of planet Saturn. Mars is considered a planet with the fire element. That’s why Iron gives you energy and the desire to live. You cannot go to all the temples and churches of the world wearing Iron, because wearing it does not affect the magical powers. Wearing Iron also gives you confidence. In the same way, using the iron mineral hematite in jewelry also has similar benefits.

Wearing Metal Steel

According to scriptures, steel is related to Mars. Also, if you have negative energy around you, then a steel ornament may be a good choice. The steel acts as a shield for you. It is also the first choice for people who have skin allergy.

Wearing Gemstone

Wearing Gemstone has a mighty effect on the body. Also, it has many health benefits. There have been many studies and researches about the effect of Gemstones on the body.

It is said that by its touch on the skin their influence runs throughout the body. Further, Gems are worn to get rid of many diseases and to get health power. However, a gemstone gives both auspicious and inauspicious results. Thus, to attract happiness, you may Talk to an Astrologer for your Horoscope analysis.

Wearing Gemstone

Gemstones ought to consistently be utilized of positive and ideal planets and worn on the right hand or in a pendant as it were. Since gemstones just intensify the vitality of the planets. Be that as it may, for assuming any planet is somewhat benefic and malefic as well and furthermore holds some significant energies of life then it ought to be worn in left hand as it were. The right hand is managed by Jupiter, expanding life constrain while the left hand is by Venus implies diminishing of life power.

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