What did this Astrologer do to a Pregnant & helpless Customer?

What Did This Astrologer Do To A Pregnant & Helpless Customer

During the early days of founding AstroTalk, we only had one Astrologer working with us, named Heena. She was the one who made me believe in Astrology and guided me to do something in the field of Astrology. Here is the link to our back story.

One day after completing an Astrological call session, Heena called me on my phone.

Heena: Hello Puneet. Could you please make the complete refund of the customer named Alisha (name changed)?
Puneet: Yes, of course. But what is the matter?

Heena: Alisha is Pregnant & had been abandoned by her husband. She wanted to know if her husband would accept her back or not. And all the time during the call she was crying that she has no money for delivery of the child also.
Puneet: Can’t she go back to her Parent’s place?
Heena: She married outside her caste & her parents had broken all relations with her immediately after marriage.
Puneet: Oh no…

Heena: You leave all this. Just refund the money for the session. I can’t keep her money when she is in so much need.

Puneet: Sure, consider it done. (I was so happy to see her support a needy customer, so I tried to extend the generosity) Do you want us to help her financially? Just in case you are sure it was a genuine case.

Heena: Yes! Yes! We can do it. Could you please call her & inform her that I’ll support her delivery financially?
Me: Cool, I will handle this from the company budget. You please focus on your work.

Heena: Okay, do cut half of it, from my salary.
Heena: Although her family will accept her before the delivery, she should not stay tensed at this time.

I requested my female colleague to call Alisha and discuss this matter. Alisha was so happy to hear it and cried, even more, to see that an Astrologer who was a stranger to her, came out to support her when her own husband had left her alone.

As per her Kundli prediction based on her birth chart, her family did accept her in a few days & we didn’t have to pay her but I loved the way Heena showed generosity towards a customer.

We are humans after all. Job & Business is in one place, but helping out someone in need makes us a better human being. That’s the reason, I am a big fan of Heena and the way she leads her life. We need more people like her to save this planet from hatred and make this a lovely place 🙂

Also, we need more Astrologers like her who want to genuinely guide the customers in the right direction, instead of looting them. We are glad, we as a company could contribute to this ancient science of India, with our efforts.

If you want to consult with Heena, here is the link to her profile


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