Problems In Love Life: Palmistry


Love is the definition of deep attraction, emotional attachment or sentiments to a person. Love life is the part of life consisting of someone’s romantic and sexual relationships.

Your Palm reveals a lot about your love relations. By analyzing one’s palm lines, hand shapes, size, finger length we can predict anyone’s love life. Let’s explore in this article how to take advantage of palmistry to predict love life.

Which Hand To Focus On?

Both hands are of equal importance in palm reading. However, Right hand is dominant and left-hand plays a supplementary role.

The left hand is to indicate what features we are born with, and the right-hand shows what we will achieve in our life.

Experts In Palmistry say :

  • If any other line crosses the Heart Line in the palm, it is difficult for lovers to meet.
  • Even if the Heart Line looks like a wavy or chain, one has to bear the sorrow of separation in love.
  • You cannot get married to whom you want to live if your palm has an Island mark on the heart line, or lifeline is crossed by many thick lines, or the Moon mount is very developed.
  • In case the palm is black in appearance and even strict, lovers don’t have a full relationship because there is no harmony in their thoughts. As a result, the lover can break the relationship on their own.
Love Life Problems
  • If it seems that the love bond is going to break, then have a look if there is a network of lines in place of Mars and Mercury in your palm, or whether the fate line is broken or thick-thin. If the lines are in these conditions, the love birds do not reside in a nest, i.e both have to be separated.
  • According to hand linear astrology, if each conversation brings a fight between a couple, and the situation has reached so far that you are willing to separate from each other, then the reason for this is that the Brain line in your palm is directed towards Moon Mount or the fate line and heart line are thicker than normal.

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Family Barriers In Love life:

  • Venus mount is over-raised or there is a mole on Venus mount, in that case family beliefs and other factors become a barrier between lovers, which intercepts the meeting of the lovers.
  • If the Jupiter’s finger is short and the end of the Brain line is on Moon Mount or if the fate line and heart line are thick, then the fragile relationship between lovers breaks down, due to misunderstanding created by the family.

Indications of Happy Love Life- Based On Palmistry:

  • Good development of Venus Moun and deepness of lifeline is a sign of a happy love life.
  • Fingers stretching amplitude is large.
  • The branch Line of heart line and lifeline is upward.
  • The little finger is pretty beautiful.

When You will get Married:

You can also figure out an approximate age that when you will get married.

1st Case: If the Marriage line is situated close to the heart line then, you will get married early.

2nd Case: Marriage line is in the center of the mount – You will get married in your mid-20s.

3rd Case: Line is situated in three-quarters above the mount – You will get married in the late 20s or mid-30s.

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