Read your fortune from bracelet lines on the wrist

bracelet lines on the wrist

Bracelet lines or wrist lines in palmistry are situated where the palm and wrist join each other. Usually, people have around three bracelet lines. However, only a few folks have complete wrist lines without messiness or any marks. These lines tell a lot about your life. From health to wealth, it illustrates a major part of life. Read in detail what the bracelet lines on the wrist shall tell about you and the future.

Bracelet lines on the wrist: Meaning and details

Bracelet lines in the palmistry of an individual represent multiple things.

First Wrist Line

The first bracelet line illustrates the wealth and health of the person at a young age, i.e., before 28 years. So if the wrist line is straight, thick, and intense, it represents great health. However, if the line is unclear, short, and thin, it indicates that the individual shall possess a thin body. But, the brighter side is that such natives won’t catch ailments. Also, if the line is broken and curved, people would develop late and possess poor well-being in childhood days.

Second Wrist Line

The second wrist line in palmistry lets the natives know about their wealth and health around the middle age, i.e., before 56. So, if people possess a straight, long, and thick line, they shall have healthy well-being. However, seldom illness may occur. However, if the lines are thin, broken, or curved, they may face poor health or terrible diseases around the Middle Ages.

Third Wrist Line

Possessing this line in palmistry represents the native’s wealth and health in the old ages, i.e., post-56. If the line is long, straight, and thick, without breaks, natives would have a healthy body and mind in the later ages. But, if the line is thin, broken, or curved, natives might have a weak body and shall find it hard to survive in old age.

Fourth Wrist Line

Not many people possess the fourth line. However, if the natives have such a line, it indicates a strong and sound knowledge of social existence. To some, a clear fourth wrist line also depicts too many children. With it, this bracelet line in palmistry also depicts longevity.

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What all you can know from the bracelet lines in palmistry?

Reading bracelet lines in palmistry is not that easy. However, people can always that the help from a palm reader. However, some basic briefs that you may know are as follows:

  • Natives having two complete bracelet lines on the wrist indicates a professional worker who believes in destiny rather than making his own fate. Moreover, such natives don’t possess long-lasting recognition or wealth.
  • Having three neat bracelet lines on the wrist illustrates that the natives would have immense wealth, happiness, and health. Also, such people would have luck in their pockets, and longevity will be there surround them. Plus, these natives would attain a great position in life and shall attain recognition in all ways.
  • Moreover, if natives have three bracelet lines on the wrist, but the first one is broken or cut, while the other two are long, thick, and clean, they would get better even from the worst ailments and enjoy healthy well-being in old ages.
  • If the very first wrist line is complete, but the other two are cut or broken, natives shall live around the age of 28 (analysis of other lines is also vital in such cases).
  • If all the three bracelet lines on the wrist are clean, long, and thick, natives possess the tendency to live long, at least around the age of 70. But, with that, such people would be shrewd in nature.
  • Possessing all the thin bracelet lines on the wrist indicates that you shall keep a keen interest in expensive belongings and lead a luxurious life. However, your achievements would be zero and rely on others for the tasks and work.

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Special marks on the wrist lines in palmistry

Possessing these lines definitely has multiple meanings. But, possessing certain markings on it illustrates a lot about how someone is now or shall be in their future.

Having small circles (islands) on the wrist lines

Having circles in the path of completing a wrist line depicts that the natives are lusty or doting. Such people would get weak because of their erotic habits. When men have islands on their wrists, they mostly get prone to kidney-related ailments. However, females owning such a mark get into heart or lung diseases.

But, on the other hand, if there is a circle(s) on the first wrist line, while the other two bracelet lines on the wrist are clean and thick, natives would enjoy great luck and health around the idle ages. Also, their marriage and career would be good, and they shall overcome even the most serious ailments faster than others.

Having wavy (chain) patterns on the wrist lines

Owning chain(s) or wavy pattern on the first line with the other two lines being clear and thick indicates that natives would possess a busy and not-so-good young age. Mostly, such people would stay sad and feel mentally and physically low all day. But, on the other hand, these folks also possess the tendency to achieve everything they want, only if they don’t give up halfway.

Moreover, if people have a chain or wavy pattern on the first line and the other two lines are not well defined, they may have weak childhood and diseases related to the kidney, stomach, and lungs. Such natives would have busy lives and short-life.

Having a cross (X) mark on the wrist lines

If the first bracelet line has the X mark, natives shall have a sturdy childhood, but their middle and old age would be good. Good fortune would come to such native post-middle age, and good health shall be there when efforts are never-ending.

If there are multiple crosses on the bracelet lines on the wrist, such people possess poor health and ailments related to kidneys. Cold feet and hands could be there too, and females might suffer from menstrual issues.

Having a bow (tilt) towards the palm

If the first line possesses a bow or tilts towards the palm, it says that the native shall get prone to insidious ailments related to the reproductive system. Chances of abortion could be there too. However, if the second and the third line are blurred or unclear, there could be other female-related diseases in the life of the person.

If the first line bows towards the palm and the second and third ones are broken or curved, natives may attract misfortune for their children. And, if the first line is broken there could be a loss of the first child. However, if all the three bracelet lines on the wrist tilt towards the palm, it suggests no children in life.

Having breaks (dashed) wrist lines

If the bracelet line has broken or exists in pieces, natives would see physical exhaustion for most of their life. If all the three bracelet lines on the wrist are in the break, a person may suffer from issues like miscarriage, anemia, Qi deficiency, etc.

Moreover, which such a scenario, there are high possibilities that the love life of such natives shall seek its impact. But, analysis of other lines is important in such cases.

Having a star or triangle mark on the wrist lines

Those who have a star mark on their bracelet lines shall enjoy unexpected wealth and immense luck. Also, possessing a triangle mark indicates that the person would be talented, smart, and lucky.

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