What does the shape of earlobes say about your personality? Read to Know

shape of earlobes

Everyone is born with physical traits, even if most of us look the same during birth. But as we grow up, our appearances start forming, and we look like our own individual selves. Analyzing one’s facial or body features can explain a lot about their personality and the type of person they are. These differences set us apart from each other— be it personality-wise or look-wise. Check what the shape of earlobes says about your personality.

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According to the Samudrika Shastra, our body links to every aspect of our life on earth, be it the psyche or personality.
Before the evolution of man, our earlobes used to be bigger, to protect the ear from rough weather or temperature. Since ears have the only nerve ending points on our faces, they needed extra protection. But with time, just like every other feature of our body, our earlobes too started to shrink and became barely visible. Unlike our other body parts that stop growing at a certain point, our earlobe keeps growing, even if the change is insignificant.

The shape of the earlobe says a lot about our spirits, according to Vedic scholars for centuries. Our psyche can be explained by reading the earlobes, whether free, attached, or midway attached.

Earlobes in astrology: A general insight

If you have your earlobes attached to the head and are not hanging, you are an attached spirit and are a strong individual with exceptional mental capacity. You shall know what you want from life without others’ dictation. Moreover, your connection with your soul would be too strong to be hindered by external malice.

You are a midway spirited person if your earlobes are slightly hanging out with little skin, before connecting to the head. You would probably notice how people love to be with you and usually ask out regularly. Everybody around you would like your cheerful personality. Also, what’s wrong and what’s right will be clear in your head. However, you would give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Also, you listen to every perspective before making a decision.

If you have your earlobes hanging out quite a bit, you are the free-spirited ones. Just like the name, you have the freest personality. You shall be certain about what you want and without a doubt, will get it, but that is not all about you. Life means precious to you, and enjoy it to the utmost. Being in a relationship with you would be extremely fun for your partner. Moreover, you shall turn your heads wherever you go.

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Let’s take a look at the different shape of earlobes and what they say about your personality.

Attached earlobe

People who have earlobes connected to the head directly without any skin hanging mean that the person is warm and friendly. They don’t struggle when it is to make friends and are very approachable, even if they are introverts in general. People with this shape of earlobes have kind hearts and are empathetic and understanding.

Pointed earlobe

People whose shape of earlobes are pointy-looking are one of the most intuitive people around. They have their eyes open all the time and know everything going on around them. Their pointy ears are like an antenna that gives them a signal if any danger is around. Highly perspective, they will notice things that no one does. They also like to think a lot so that everything is perfect.

Round earlobe

Ears that are round on the top and bottom represent the most responsible people. However, on the other hand, they are dependable too. Being the most reliable person in a group, they will clean up all the mess created by their peers without complaining. They hate betrayal as they are loyal to their bones and will kill for those they love. But they will not forgive if someone has backstabbed them.

Square earlobe

This shape of earlobes belongs to a very special person. Square earlobes are hard to find, and people with square earlobes are very creative and intelligent. They love to see and experience new things and are the ones who will end up being a scientist. Moreover, such people love exploring and creating. Not just this, they are also very closed off and will rarely open up about their true feelings.

Sticking out ear

People having ears sticking out are the funniest ones in every group. Their humor knows no limits and will crack a joke even in the most serious situations. Because of their friendly and open personality, everyone loves to be around them, and they are never alone. These people also come up with the most unique ideas making it hard for others to understand them sometimes.

Narrow ear

People with this shape of earlobes are generally the serious types who will not say anything unnecessary, and you will never catch them gossiping. They keep to themselves most of the time and contemplate everything in their mind. But if they do feel it necessary to speak up, their comments will surprise you because of how true and no-nonsense they are.

Broad ear

Broad eared people love life as it is. They don’t take anything seriously and deal with every hurdle with a smile. Their laid-back personality is inspiring as many of us to take life too seriously and forget that life will only happen once. They don’t get attached to anything and do not mind letting go of things if they have to. Usually, like extroverts, they find it very easy to gel into every group without any problem. Thus, they usually belong to a big group of friends.

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