8 things women should have at their home as per astrology

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To make our lives comfortable our living space should match our personality and overwhelm us. To decorate our home the way we want is one of the perks of being an adult. The liberty to choose how to decorate and whatever to keep in our living space is quite fulfilling and fun. But we should be careful about how we do it. According to Vastu, there are things we do in our house which can be harmful to the people living in the house. Thus, here we have the list of essential items for women to have in their homes as per astrology.

What we keep in our house or the position of the things matters a lot when it comes to prospering our home and life. Females act choosy when they pick on things to keep and place in their homes. Be it the curtain of the bedroom, window, or the cushions we wish to keep in our house, see what, as women, you can incorporate in your house, as per Vastu Shastra.

Coffee maker

Not everyone can wake up early in the morning feeling fresh with glowing skin and healthy-looking hair. Women have this issue all the time. As per Vastu Shashtra, possessing a coffee maker is good. Therefore, as per astrology, from the essential items for women, this is a must-keep thing.

As per astrology, it would help females deal with a lot every day and add a plus to their health and wellness. One can pick their specific coffee maker shade and type depending on their zodiac signs. Moreover, they may choose their specific coffee, which would add to their luck factor and health.

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A queen-size bed

A bed is super essential. But, what kind of a bed would add to the prosperity for the females? A queen-size bed. According to Vastu Shastra, the right side of the bed is important. Moreover, pillows and cushions that match the appropriate multitudes also matter. Thus, from the essential items for women, a queen-size bed is a vital one to have.

Our sleeping area is a must-take-care factor according to Vastu astrology. Also, the position of the bed in the room also makes a great significance. The headboard of the bed must be in the southern zone of the bedroom as it will rejuvenate the mind and body. Also, we must face sleep with our heads on the northern side of the room.

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Reading nook

Reading is not for everyone, and every individual has their own interest. What do we mean by a reading nook in the corner of the house where work stuff is prohibited. As per astrology, picking an appropriate area for reading is very important. As much as this is vital, having a reading nook is important too. For the house, among the essential items for women involves a reading nook. It soothes the soul and mind of the people and aid as a dedication point for studies.

People must have their reading nook on the northeastern side of the house because, as per Vastu, the northeast is ruled by Asanaya. Hence the area will bring peace and calm to women’s souls. It is the place where you shall want to go to practice breathing exercises and meditation.

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Indoor plants

According to Vastu Shatra, indoor plants are a good thing for reducing stress and psychological problems. Thus, possessing indoor plants shall aid in reducing depression and anxiety. Moreover, adding something like this is considered lucky for people of different zodiac signs because it wears off the ill impacts of the planets.

From the essential items for women, our astrologers recommend having a Tulsi plant inside the house or outside because along with being a very good medicinal herb, it also helps in balancing the three elements of life and the chakras and reduces stress.

Family photographs

Pictures are a pleasant way to decorate the house and make the place look lively and creative. But make sure not to put on pictures of dragons, war, or anything violent as that will increase the stress level and distort the calm in the house.

Moreover, for females, it is also advisable any sort of cruel pictures are avoided. It attracts unhappiness and keeps prosperity and favorable times away from the house. However, on the other hand, women can have snaps of their family on the southwestern side of the house as it increases harmony.

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Cookbooks with healthy dishes

As women and homemakers, females focus primarily on their family’s health. But, what is its astrological significance? For females, having something like this adds favorability to their planets.

According to food astrology, each planet governs some of the other food items. Thus, possessing a cookbook with the right use of the spices and food elements from the house pantry is a must need as per astrology. Therefore, from the vital items to keep at home, a cookbook is necessary.

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Wood furniture

Furniture is vital to make any home feel homely. A home with furniture can barely be home cause it looks more like a warehouse. Some sufficient wooden furniture is a comfortable choice. Moreover, rugs are one of the first things that women keep in their heads as it adds to their home’s charm and prosperity, and good luck.

Moreover, as per Vastu Shastra, one must not have heavy furniture, especially in the center of the house, as that position is known as the Brahma Sthan and should be kept empty.

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Single shade lights

Form the list of essential items for women, possessing lights that are single-shaded add vibes to the life. Therefore, having lights that add good vibes is important. When choosing the shade, females must remember that the lights are bright as they add o the mood happy and energy. Females can also try lighting up their home with all types of lights— natural or artificial.

Also, in terms of light lighting up fragranced candles will also add peace and happiness to the daily life of the people. Moreover, using blue night lights is great as it has cooling qualities. Also, soft blue light surrounding the room when sleeping shall help to calm down the mood.

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