Where to place mirrors to get good results?

Where to place mirrors to get good results

The first thing we see after we get up in the morning is our own faces. And thanks to the mirror for making it possible. Today, the mirror is an important part of everyone’s household. Not only to form beautiful views, but the mirror is also significant in Vastu as well. According to Vastu Shastra, if mirrors are placed correctly in accordance with the principles of Vastu, it can bring good health as well as wealth. In this article, it is discussed how the mirror should be placed and what all things should be taken care of.

Placement of the mirror

According to Vastu, placement of a mirror in a house, matters as wrong placement can bring a lot of harm. While placing the mirror, one should make sure that no two mirrors are placed directly opposite each other. It can lead to the development of negative vibes in your home. Also, it should be made sure that the height of the mirror is four or five feet above the floor. Moreover, placing a huge side table or dressing table along with bed is considered to bring luck and fortune. However, one should make sure that none of his or her body parts is visible in the mirror while sleeping.

The shape of the mirrors

It is always recommendable to go with the four-cornered shapes of the mirror such as a square or rectangle. According to Vastu, square and rectangle are considered auspicious. Also, it is advised to avoid buying round or any other irregular shaped mirror. Moreover, Vastu doesn’t recommend anything about the size of the mirrors hence one can place a mirror if any size as per his or her demands. In addition, you can create beautiful patterns using square and rectangle-shaped mirrors.

The reflection of the Mirrors

The one having a beautiful landscape out of their window the home should place the mirror in a direction such that it reflects the mesmerizing view. This reflects the positive vibes a the spellbound view, filling your home with the positivity. Also, if you feel negativity in your surroundings or you feel something filthy it unpleasant, then placing a mirror in front of it will suck the negative vibes as well. Moreover, one should never place a mirror or any other glass object in front of the main gate.

Mirror:  Harbinger of wealth and prosperity

The mirror does not only reflect images but can also be used to double your prosperity. If you are having a cash locker at home, then placing a mirror in front of it attracts more wealth and prosperity but at the same time, one should make sure that the image formed of the mirror is vivid and not distorted. A reflection should be formed when you use a mirror according to the principles f Vastu Shastra.

Dining room: Perfect place for the mirrors?

According to Vastu Shastra, the placement of the mirror in the dining room such that it reflects and view an image of the dining table is considered a good omen. It doubles one food, health, and wealth. It can be done in various ways. One could either create beautiful patterns using the mirror or even a mirrored wall could also be placed.

Placement of the mirror in the bathroom

A bathroom is a place where placing a mirror is a must. Vastu recommends placing the mirror in the bathroom either on the North or East wall. Also, one should place it in an area that is fully lightened and is bright rather than in a dark corner as it is considered inauspicious.

Things to be taken care of

  • Ensure all the mirrors in your home are four or five feet above the ground.
  • Keep the mirrors or any other reflective surface clean every time and make sure that a clear picture is formed in the mirror.
  • Avoid using transparent glass doors or window panes. Going with translucent is always a better choice.
  • Don’t place a mirror near the study table as it may distract kids and would not let them concentrate.
  • Place mirrors or any other glass showpiece in the North or Northeast corner if one’s home.

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