How to use Windchimes for bringing good luck and fortune?

How to use Windchimes for bringing good luck and fortune

Feng shui is an ancient science depicting various ways to invite good luck and fortune and the windchimes are also one of Feng Shui’s hardest working remedies. It is believed to bring good luck and positivity. In addition, it has a special significance in Vastu as well and is known to correct the Vastu Dosh. Apart from making a pleasing and calm musical note, this symbol of luck is also known to bring harmony. However, hanging the windchimes in the correct direction is equally important to avail the best benefits from it. In this article, you’ll be reading about the main guidelines that one should keep on mind before hanging wind chimes.

The material of wind chimes

Windchimes made of a wide variety of materials are available in the market nowadays. It can be of ceramic, metal, glass, or wood. Different materials have different significance. Hence, it is advisable that one should choose the material of wind chimes according to one’s aspirations and dreams. Also, the place to hang these varies from material to material.

The windchimes made of wood should be placed in the East, South, or the southeast direction while the ones made of metal should be placed in the West, North, or the North West direction. Similarly, the ceramic or glass wind chimes should be hung either in the North East or in the southwest direction.

Hollow Rods windchimes or the solid ones?

Hollow or the solid ones, both are considered equally good. However, if you are using it for a particular area or domain, like fir your career then you should prefer for the wind chimes with hollow Rods as the hollow Rods lift the universal energy.

Rod number matters

While placing a wind chime, the number of Rods is also important. It depends on the individual that where he or she wants from it and where are they going to hang it. The number of Rods you choose should be in accordance with the area you want to hang it like in the southeast corner, the wind chimes with the four sticks should be used as four is the number of South East.

  • For inviting opportunities in career, one should hang a bell, either single for windchimes or the one having six hollow Rods. Care should be taken to hang it in the North direction of one’s house.
  • For good health and for building healthy family relationships, bamboo or woodwind chimes having three rods should be hung in the East direction.
  • If you want wealth and prosperity, hanging the wind chimes made of bamboo or wood having for rods in the South direction is considered beneficial. Moreover, hanging wind chimes with fish or water themes to invite wealth is also a good choice.
  • For getting fame or to get recognized, wind chimes can help you. One should place bamboo, wooden, or metal wind chimes with three, four, or nine rods in the South direction. However, the one with nine rods is considered best for this purpose.
  • Placing metal wind chimes in the West with six or seven rods are good for children and creativity.

Vastu Doshas

The place of hanging wind chimes to overcome an affliction such as a toilet or a problem area also varies from metal to metal. The wooden chimes should be placed in the North East or South West corner while the metal chimes should be hung in the East or southeast corner. However, the glass or ceramic chimes should be hung in the North if there is any affliction or Vastu Dosh.

Things to be taken care of before placing windchimes

  • Never hang the wind chimes in a place where you sit, eat, work, or sleep. Don’t hang it in such a place that you are directly under it.
  • Never hang the wind chimes over a door in a way such that either you or the door hit it.
  • Wind chimes should never be hung in the trees, especially if they are made of materials other than wood.
  • Hang the wind chimes in an area where you have more than two doors in a straight line.
  • Hollow wind chimes should be preferred for hanging in the bathrooms located in the center, northwest of the southwest direction.
  • The Pagoda shaped chimes with hollow Rods act as energizers.

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