The Mystery of the Magical Number Seven

The mystery of the magical number Seven

The number is the language of the Universe. Understand it, examine your life carefully, and try to comprehend what the Universe wants to tell you. In numerology, though each number is significant. But, Seven is a special number and hence people often refer to it as a magical or mystical number.
The moment when someone asks, What is your lucky number? More than eighty percent of the people reply with number seven. It is a scientifically proven survey as well. Also, we all must have heard that God made the world in the six days and rested on the seventh day. The Saptarishi of ancient India, the seven days of the week, and the Seven Mukhi rudraksha, all signify the importance of the number seven. So, let’s reveal the mystery of this number today and tell what makes people so obsessed with the number Seven?

Significance of number “Seven” in Astrology

This number has a special charisma and significance in Astrology. It is a symbol of Purity. Though other numbers also have their own importance. But, number Seven is auspicious of all. According to Numerology, the people with life path number Seven or the ones who are associated with this number in intuitive, spiritual, or psychic ways have a kind and lingering influence on others. Also, they have positive vibes around them and are sensitive and empathetic towards others. They have an extraordinary mind and can see beyond what human senses can look. They believe in spirituality, follow its path, and love to solve mysteries.

Role of this mystical number in the world

The number Seven holds a special significance in various religions as well. As per Hinduism, Brahamda is believed to be divided into fourteen worlds where seven are of the upper world while the other of the lower world. Also in Hindu marriages, the bride and the groom take seven vows and rounds around the sacred fire.

The Bible, holy book of Christians, also signifies this number as flawlessness and completeness as found by scholars. In Christian numerology, the number seven appeared in the Bible 735 times. It is the number of perfection.

Powers and blessing that this magical number give

This mystical number can bless the person, willing to learn and gain knowledge, an opportunity to get an education. Various talents, curiosity and always longing to find answers are what they are born with. The want reasoning for every other thing and are quite investigative by nature. Mostly, the Science field attracts these people and they love innovation. They can become a scholar or legal advisors.

In Numerology, the number Seven is the number of a truth seeker. It blesses them with devotion to the ultimate power. Also, the spiritual side of this number is dominant over other traits and affects the people who use the number seven in their life. Numerology often mentions that one should not ignore the repetition of any numbers in your life matters. The repetitions should not be taken for granted as the reoccurrence of numbers holds a special significance in spirituality. If you the number seven being repeated in your life, then you are quite lucky. The reoccurrence of this number signifies that you are moving on the correct path and therefore you should keep moving forward to achieve your goal and attain success.

The people who keep a hold on this mystical number in their life are said to be surrounded by positive vibes and are fortunate. Moreover, having an encounter with the number 777 or if one uses it in life can bless him or her with divine blessings. This acts as a shield for a person and protects him from the bad luck throughout his life. In addition, if you come across this magical number in business-related matters then it is good for you. It symbolizes that you will achieve success in whatever task you are doing.

Connection of the number seven and the world

There is a unique and a mystical connection between the two–this magical number and the World. The connection of this lucky number will never end with the world. There are seven colors in a rainbow, the seven musical notes in ancient music and a week has seven days as well.

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