Turtle in Vastu: Significance and Benefits

Statue Of A Turtle For Vastu

It is rightly said ‘Hard work is the golden key to success but sometimes no matter how hard you try, you need luck.’ Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, both are an amazing blend of science that aims at balancing the mental environment and making the house, a home where one can find mental peace. It cannot change one’s life overnight but the discipline it teaches enhances one’s health, wealth, good luck, and prosperity. Everyone wants to attract luck to their home, after all it is the place where they live and create lovely memories. Holding a special significance in Vastu Shastra as well as feng shui, the statue of a turtle is supposed to increase good fortune and attract positive energies.

This symbol of luck, longevity, and fortune holds a special position in Feng Shui and protects one from bad fortune. The turtle can bring one good luck but at the same time it is also important to place it in the right direction. So, in this article we are going to know the significance of the turtle, benefits and the correct position to place it.

Significance of Turtle in Vastu

We all must have heard the tale of Samudra Manthan i.e. churning of the ocean by our grandmother in childhood. Lord Vishnu advised Lord Indra to make the gods drink, the nectar of immortality, originated on churning the ocean, to get back his reign and again establish his rule in heaven. But this was not a cakewalk. Many gods and Goddesses took distinct avatars.

Lord Vishnu became the Turtle called Kurma and kept on its back the Madranchal peak. Samudra Manthan was carried on the shell of Kurma turtle i.e. it provided stability. Hence, the turtle is regarded as a symbol of stability and balance. It is of great significance in Vastu as well as Feng Shui. It balances and harmonizes the surroundings and is also widely known for the longevity of life.

Benefits of Turtle as per Vastu

  • It can bring stability in relationships and can make married life much happier.
  • Since the life span of the turtle is 120-150 years, hence it is also beneficial for health problems and longevity of life.
  • It helps to correct Vastu if your house or office is not built following Vastu tips
  • Also, it removes the negative waves and spread positivity and energetic vibes in the surrounding environment.
  • It is highly beneficial in bringing stability in wealth and fame.
  • If kept next to the study table, it can increase one’s concentration in studies
  • Also, it is a good luck charm that eradicates stress as well.

Importance of Turtle in Feng Shui

Feng Shui practices involve four celestial animals, that correspond to the four compass directions. The tortoise represents north, the dragon is the guardian of the east, the phoenix is the guardian of the south while the tiger is the guardian of the west. These four celestial animals are believed to guard the feng shui energies. The turtle, one of those celestial animals, has a variety of uses in feng shui practices.

Where should it be placed?

It is advised to keep the turtle towards the north such that it’s tail points towards the north. The silver turtle, kept in water should appear to be coming from the north. It is lucky for bringing wealth and prosperity. Similarly, for health problems, it is advised to keep it in the northeast for the good health of your family.

The tortoise has a very hard shell and a pretty long life span. Thus, it is believed to eradicate health issues when kept in the right direction. Also, one should place the medicine box somewhere near the turtle in the northeast direction for the good results.

To bring stability in your home, turtles should be kept in pairs, or several small and big turtles must be kept together, as a family in the southwest direction. The brass turtle, placed in southwest direction stabilizes one’s relationships. Keeping the turtle in your temple, on a piece of yellow cloth is also considered a good omen and one must remember to keep the turtle in a cotton pouch, while not in use.

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