Red Quartz- Benefits and Correct Method of Wearing

Red Quartz- Benefits and Correct Method of Wearing

The name quartz comes from the Greek crystalline language, which means ice. Red Quartz is vibrant quartz with the incorporation of rutile. It is perhaps one of the most famous gemstones. In addition to its lure, the healing abilities of Red Quartz make it one of the most significant of all 9 gems.

In large measure, this stone is popular as Love Stone. The Red Quartz Stone is a strong booster of enthusiasm. You can always wear this close to your partner. It enhances the grace of your love. Significantly, it transmits the energy of Venus, the planet of beauty and love.

Venus, in Vedic Astrology, signifies adoration, aesthetics. Additionally, it governs life aspects like marital bliss, beauty, romance, sex, and pleasures. It is the planet of pleasures and comfort. A good relationship, satisfactory financial condition, good scents, flowers, and comfort are a symbol of strong Venus in your Horoscope. On the other hand, aggression, lack of sensitivity, vulgarity, unhappy relationships, and delay in marriage are the sign of weak Venus in your horoscope.

If a person happens to have a weak Venus, they can wear Red Quartz to empower it and impart Venus’s positivity in their life. Red Quartz is a gemstone that attracts both inner peace and beauty. The stone heals the inner melancholy and pours delight and enthusiasm in life. There are many more benefits of wearing Red Quartz. You can read them below-

Benefits of Wearing Red Quartz

  • Red symbolizes energy. The color of the gem attributes to strength & vitality. It influences the same in your life.
  • The Best Astrologers of India suggest wearing Red Quartz to couples. Not only it embraces love between but also flames energy. Thus, in issues like desire disorders, arousal disorders, pain disorders you can find it immensely helpful. Also, it is an ideal gemstone for women with pregnancy issues.
  • It is extremely helpful in calming anxiety, stress, panic, and gloominess. Especially for people with the problem of ADHD and ADD can find this gemstone highly efficient.
  • It helps to maintain emotional balance. During the stressful days, you can find it very helpful to keep you peaceful.
  • In addition to its healing properties, it can be efficient in concentration issues. It enhances focus ability.
  • Further, it helps to boost your clarity of emotions. Also, it helps you build a better understanding. With the help of this stone, you can attain flexibility & harmony.
  • Quartz is extremely helpful in attracting optimism.
  • A weak Venus draws low self-esteem and self-expression. By wearing Red Quartzs, you can enhance your self-worth & confidence. It balances your Manipura chakra.
  • According to Medical Astrology, this stone stimulates the healing of diseases. Also, it relieves pain and boosts the immune system. Considerably, it is helpful in the treatment of Blood-related diseases. Additionally, it enhances the function of the liver and kidney.
  • Keeping this gemstone in the room where a patient brings them physical strength to combat illness.

Correct Method of Wearing Red Quartz

This gemstone has tremendous benefits to offer. However, it is only possible when you wear it correctly. Firstly, you must wear the stone directly on your skin. In order to attract the maximum benefits of its energy & vibrations, it must be in touch with your skin directly. If you can, just attach the stone to ring, pendant lock, earring, or you can even put it in your bag or purse. These are the best method to keep Rose Quart with you forever. All of these promote great results.

Mantra for Venus-

Om Shum Shukraya Namah

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