Role of Karma in Our Life- How It Governs Everything

Role of Karma in Our Life

Karma is the list of tasks we perform in our life which the souls keep on registering at regular intervals. The fate of our present life will be decided on the deeds and choices we undertake. It is also the result of the deeds that we had undertaken in our previous life. Every deed that we perform in this life reaps the result in our future. Also, some portion of it may get transferred to the next life. Thus, karma plays a major role in shaping our life.

Karma, the sweet fruit in our life!

We all perform our karmas every day and the registration of it will keep happening at the same time. The segregation of karma is of two types, good karma, and bad karma. The tasks performed by us which cause no harm to any living being including plants and animals are known as good karma. The selfless deeds which we undertake with an only motive to bring happiness in someone else’s life are also a part of good karma. The sweet fruit of this will be enjoyed by us in the latter part of our life. Also, it lays a firm foundation for the happening of good in our next life.

Karma, the sour fruit in one’s life

In the same way, we may also be performing bad tasks, knowingly or unknowingly. The tasks causing pain in someone’s life, the act of bloodshed, the tasks that we perform with a selfish motive of which may be causing harm to others are known as the karmas performed with a selfish motto. Such tasks bear a sour fruit which acts as a barrier and brings unhealthy results in our life in the future and the account may even get carried forward in the next life.

Karma, the pavement for future

The result of what we have, what we are pursuing, and what we have achieved is not only based upon the choices we have done in our life for so far but also upon the karma. The one that we had performed in our previous lie. We often hear our elderly people saying that karma plays a major role in shaping our life. It happens to be true as the dignity, the status, the materialistic things we pursue in our lives are also based upon the deeds of our previous life up to an extent.

Karma, science? or beyond science!

In this modern era, we often find people speaking about science. We find them hearing that there is no such thing as a previous or a future life. If not, then what theory determines one to take birth in a rich family and the other in an absolute poor family. Why is that only some people are born with a golden spoon and not everyone else?

The portion of this depends upon the karma that the soul has pursued in its previous birth. It has laid the foundation for its present life. Also, we should know that even scientists are performing various tasks to know the secret of the past and future life. But, we all should consider the fact that there are some things which science hasn’t explored yet or we can consider it as there are some things that are beyond science!

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