Saturn transit 2023: Date, time & impact on each zodiac sign

शनि गोचर 2023 | Saturn transit 2023

As the planet of justice and the provider of the results of your deeds, Saturn is the Karmic planet in Vedic astrology. On January 17, 2023, Saturn transit 2023 will occur. It will move from the Capricorn zodiac sign to Aquarius. Considering the date and time, it will be on January 17, 2023, at 5:04 PM. And after transiting through Capricorn, Saturn will move into Aquarius, where it will be for the entire year.

Sagittarius men and women will be free from the consequences of Sade Sati of Shani because of this Saturn planet 2023 occurrence. For Capricorn natives, the second phase of the Sade Sati will also finish, and the third phase will start. Additionally, the first phase of Aquarius will come to a close, followed by the start of the second phase. Additionally, the first phase of Shani Sade Sati for Pisces will begin. However, for the people with the Libra and Scorpio zodiac signs, you will be set free from Shani Dhaiya. But, on the other hand, for Cancer men and women, Shani Dhaiya will begin.

Significance of Saturn in Vedic astrology

According to astrology, Saturn imparts lessons about discipline and respect for the law. Just as a teacher teaches us to direct our energy in the right direction, Saturn corrects us when we make mistakes with love before being similarly punished. Planet Saturn also aids in developing a person’s sense of discipline.

With the Saturn transit in Aquarius 2023, you shall comprehend what will happen when Shani makes a challenging decision and how it will benefit those who must overcome challenges in life. This idea promotes steadiness in both your personal and professional lives. Natives should be conscious of their objectives because of this planetary transit in 2023. Only then, you shall accomplish your goals to the best of your abilities. 

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Let us understand how the 2023 Saturn transit in Aquarius will affect different areas of life like your business, job, and marriage.

Saturn transit 2023: Date, time & other details

Saturn will be combusted from January 30 from 12:00 PM to 11:36 PM. It will retrograde from June 17, 2023, at 10:48 PM to November 4, 2023, at 08:26 AM.

The Saturn transit in Aquarius will occur on January 17, 2023. It will move from the Capricorn sign to Aquarius at 08:02 PM. Interestingly, this Shani Gochar 2023 is happening after 30 years and forms a Yoga— The Shash Mahapurush Yoga (one of the Maha Yoga).

This Maha Yoga in astrology will impact the life of each zodiac sign in its own way. Let us find out how!

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Saturn transit 2023: What each zodiac sign can expect?


  • Saturn will transit into the 11th house from Aries, where it rules the 10th and 11th houses. The eleventh house is the house of income. This year, this transit will greatly benefit you.
  • Moreover, there is a chance that your income will increase unexpectedly. Also, you will receive income from a trustworthy source.
  • You will now fully benefit from all the obstacles you have overcome and the effort you have put in this far.
  • All of your goals and aspirations will come true. Additionally, your unfinished goals will reach success, and your confidence will rise.
  • It is the time to be honest and strategic in romantic relationships. 
  • You must take care of any health issues you may have as you might suffer from some.


  • As per the Saturn transit 2023 predictions, you will succeed greatly in your professional and personal endeavours.
  • There will be a period of career stability. Additionally, new programs will boost the likelihood of career and business advancement and growth opportunities.
  • You will have more opportunities to work abroad and expand your company by doing so.
  • As there would be less time for family, there could be some strain on family life. Hence, you may have a lot of work to do.
  • Your focus will be on the marital issues that will arise. However, for some reason, you might ignore them. Thus, it is friendly advice from astrologers to take care of your life partner.

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  • You and your father will have strained relations, and his health might suffer during this period.
  • Remember that the harder you work now, the more successful you will be. You will have the opportunity to shape your future through your efforts.
  • Your work is changeable. But, your income may rise significantly. However, work hard to achieve that.
  • In business, during the 2023 Saturn transit, the time will be wonderful to take chances. There will be less debt, and with your hard work, you shall reduce it and make more success.
  • Additionally, you will triumph over your opponents.


  • Saturn will transit in the eighth house from Cancer and is the lord of the 7th and 8th houses. Hence, you will experience the benefits of the planet Saturn and its cushion this year.
  • You will have the opportunity to assist your in-laws. The work will include certain difficulties. However, if you work hard, you shall succeed.
  • Plus, there will be some pressure at work, which might cause mental tension. But you will solve every issue thanks to your diligence and cunning.
  • There is a possibility of unexpected financial benefits. Your in-laws might be a source of money or happiness for you.
  • However, on the other hand, you might experience some worry for your child. 
  • Also, in love partnerships, there will be ups and downs.
  • For students, the Saturn transit 2023 predictions foretell a lot of hard work and effort to get into the desired institute for admission.

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  • Saturn, who rules the sixth and seventh houses in the Leo sign, will transit in the 6th house of this zodiac.
  • As a result, you shall experience great stability in your marriage. Your life partner will support you and can launch a new company.
  • Moreover, your efficiency will help you succeed in business, increasing your chances of success.
  • Your health is very important to you, so you should avoid being preoccupied with it or neglecting it. Otherwise, you might experience health issues that bother you.


  • This period will be challenging for your adversaries because the presence of Saturn here will make you powerful. You will defeat them, and despite their best efforts, they shall not overcome you.
  • You will need to manage your debts since Saturn transit 2023 will educate you not to take loans until you are in serious financial distress. Moreover, your attention on paying back the loan.
  • This 2023 planetary transit will be highly advantageous for your career. Your position at work will strengthen, and you will gain expertise in your field.
  • You might put immensely great effort to stabilize your financial situation. Hence, you might confront many physical issues.


  • Saturn will transit in the fifth house from Libra this month. You will have relief this year as the effects of the 2023 Saturn transit will be gone.
  • It could be a trying moment for romantic relationships. Your bond with your partner will be lovely if you are sincere and devoted to one another.
  • Challenges in the classroom will be present for students. But they can succeed if they set aside time to study and stick to it.
  • It is the season for love marriages to take place. So, if you have feelings for someone and wish to marry him, you should confess.


  • Saturn transit in 2023 in the fourth house will cause a growing gulf between you and your family.
  • Your current residence might change, and you may leave it.
  • You shall leave the family at this time, which is why you might experience some emotional and mental distress. 
  • Not only this, you might feel stressed because of your family and household concerns. However, everyone will look to you to take care of your needs.


  • As per the 2023 Saturn transit in Aquarius, if you work hard, your coworkers will support you wholeheartedly. You shall hold a solid position in your line of work.
  • Your bravery and strength will grow. In fact, you can successfully increase the growth of your firm by raising the tendency to take risks in business as well.
  • Love affairs will be successful. Moreover, you must go beyond what is reasonable for your love.
  • Your kids will advance throughout this time. In education, students will also achieve success, and their efforts will seek recognition.


  • Your Shani Sade Sati’s second phase is about to complete, and the third and final phase will start.
  • Moreover, your financial situation will begin to improve. Whatever sacrifices you made in the past will pay off during this time, and your financial situation will stabilize.
  • Saving money will be successful for you. Plus, purchasing and selling properties will also result in substantial earnings for you.
  • You will place high expectations on yourself in front of the family members and limit your ability to meet their requirements.
  • However, you will build strong bonds with both your family and your spouse’s family or your in-laws, and you will be there for them when they need it.
  • Your social standing will also be excellent during this time. You will make savvy business investments if you want to possess a solid job.

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  • The first stage of Shani Sade Sati for Aquarians will end, and the second stage will start. Due to the planetary influence in your zodiac sign, you must complete your assignment correctly.
  • Your career will benefit greatly from this period. If you operate a business, it will grow.
  • Successful international company operations are also possible. Your personality will develop, and your standing inside the company will rise.
  • Moreover, your personality will be robust, and your job will be steady. Sibling cooperation will be on your side. However, a bodily issue could cause them discomfort.
  • The marriage won’t fare well, and you might spend some time apart from your spouse due to work-related obligations. However, you shall make the most of this opportunity and establish mutual harmony in your relationships.


  • Saturn will transit in the twelfth house from Pisces in the year 2023. For Pisces men and women, the first phase of Sade Sati will start. 
  • You will require to pay close attention to your health because of the Saturn transit in Aquarius 2023.
  • Moreover, you could get foot discomfort, ankle pain, or any injury or sprain in your leg during this planetary transit.
  • Also, you might experience other issues like watery eyes, eye pain, or vision loss.
  • You will become lazy during this time and sleep more. But you need to push through that and concentrate on your work.
  • It is the ideal moment to travel overseas if you want to. Going overseas can help you find a decent job.

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