Seven Vows in Hindu Marriages- Meaning and Significance

Seven Vows in Hindu Marriages- Meaning and Significance

Marriage is not just the connection between two bodies, but between two souls. It is a sacred institution in India. The sacred thread binds the two persons and their families together. In a Hindu wedding, seven vows are taken by the bride and the groom which marks the beginning of their married life. Often termed as Saat phere, these hold a special significance in the Hindu religion and defines the connection between the couple for the next seven lifetimes. They are religious vows and if followed, lead to a happy married life. So, let’s read what are the all seven vows

The first vow

The first vow is a crucial one taken during the marriages. During the first vow, the groom vows to the bride that he will be responsible for providing nourishment, welfare, and happiness to his bride i.e. his to-be-wife and his children.

Moreover, the bride vows to the groom that she will never step back when it comes to taking care of family and household. Also, the bride promises that she will share his responsibility as her own.

The second vow

In the second vow, the groom promises the bride that he will always remain loyal and faithful to his wife. Also, he will remain loyal and faithful to his wife and will always stand by her through the thick and thins of life. He promises that he will provide her and her family with mental, physical, and financial stability and security.

The bride vows to the groom that she will willingly share all the responsibilities and will stand by him in every situation. Also, the bride promises that she will share all the responsibilities with courage and strength.

The third vow

The third vow makes the groom promise the bride that he will always work hard and put all his efforts into his work to bring wealth and prosperity in the home and to give education to their children.

The bride promises the groom that she will be responsible for maintaining the resources and will devote her love exceptionally to her husband. Moreover, she also promises that other men will be secondary in her life and she will always remain loyal to her husband.

The fourth vow

The fourth vow is a thanking vow. In the fourth vow, the groom thanks the bride that she had made her life beautiful and complete. In addition, he promises to respect both sets of families and also promises to complete all her wishes and include her in all the major decisions of his life.

The bride vows to groom that she will always be a pillar of support for him and his family. She will respect his decisions and will include him in all the decisions. Also, she promises that in case any danger intercepts the way she will stand before him and face the obstacle.

The fifth vow

During the fifth vow, the couple promises to be with each other and share their happiness and sorrows with great care and understanding. Moreover, they together pray to God to bless them with healthy children, and they both will strive to nurture their kids with enriching values and a healthy lifestyle.

The Sixth Vow

The sixth vow states that the couple will love and respect each other and will stand together in times of joy and sadness. Together, they pray to seek the Lord’s blessings to bestow them with healthy, long, and joyful life so that they could carry all the responsibilities and fulfill duties towards each other.

The Seventh Vow

In the seventh vow, the couple vows together that after this seventh vow they are bonded with each other for a lifetime. Now, they are united with a divine thread of togetherness and will be with others till eternity. Moreover, they promise to abide by all the seven vows honestly and purely and follow the promises made during the seventh vow.

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