How should you celebrate your birthday according to astrology?

How should you celebrate your birthday according to astrology

Birthday is the special day of everyone’s life. It marks the birth anniversary of a person and successfully completion of yet another year. This day is cherished by everyone with their family or friends. However, following western culture, we people are following some wrong practices which can have a negative impact on our upcoming year. Here is the way astrology suggests you celebrate your birthday. So, read on to know how to make your special day, more special.


The Sunrise

After taking a shower, you should always see sunrise especially when it is your birthday. Worship Lord Surya, remember your ishta devata and chant the mantra for your main planet i.e. the planet that rules your zodiac sign.

Feed poor on your birthday

Feeding the needy and poor blesses one abundantly. Therefore, it is highly recommendable to fees the ‘ishta ka bhog’ to poor people on your birthday and takes blessings from them. Believe me, the smiles on their face will give you a great deal of satisfaction and will make your day for sure.

Wearing metal or thread

After that, you should wear the metal or thread associated with your Mukhya Graha which is ideally given by someone elder. It can be your father, your mother, or any other older member you know. This will prevent you from health-related issues and will also ward off the negative energies.

Donate on your birthday

The good and bad times are like two sides of a coin. Both come in life and without them life is incomplete. However, remedies could be performed for the bad times and no other could be better than your birthday to perform them. Hence, to keep away the bad days, donating blood or any other kind of donation is preferable. You can even donate your old shoes or your old clothes.

Worshipping negative planets

During the day time, also remember to worship the negative planets present in your horoscope. Moreover, donating something related to the negative planets is even better.

The Rudrabhishek

If you could foresee some bad effects or ailments in the coming period, get Rudrabhishek done. It is a procedure involving two to three hours. However, you can also visit your place of worship and sit for a while. Gift something to the important people present there like pandit, priest, or any saint. Also, take a coconut, raise it over your head, move it on three sixty degrees and throw it in any distant river or ocean.

Book Rudrabhishek Pooja At Your Home

Feed animals on birthday

It is great if you could feed animals on your birthday. If you have some money in your savings, take it and encircle it above your head and keep it in the temple of your home. Later on, donate it to any animal care center.

Stay away from violence

One should be nonviolent especially on his birthday. Stay away from anger and keep your conduct throughout the day. Also, avoid consuming nonvegetarian or alcohol on this day.

New beginnings on birthday

This is your day, the day of your birth star and is highly auspicious for you. Hence, you can start an education or any kind of learning and buy land or property. Even this is a good day for a housewarming ceremony or to start the construction of the home. Moreover, you can also do an act of mental and spiritual development.

Well, birthdays are the days to enjoy. After all, they come once in a year. So, be positive, keep your energy level up, stay cheerful, and enjoy your day. Be it your sixteenth birthday or the sixtieth one, thank god for always being with you and for His constant Support. Also, if today is your birthday or if it is upcoming in the next few days, team Astrotalk wishes you many many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with good health and abundant wealth. And, may the smile on your face never fades away.

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