How many times each Zodiac fall in love?

How many times each Zodiac fall in love

The feeling of butterflies in the stomach, the pleasing scent of flowers, and the beautiful world is what the feeling of love is. It is the most wonderful and pleasant feeling in the world. However, every coin has two sides. With love, comes heartbreaks as well. Not everyone is lucky to find their true love for the first time. No one can predict but astrology has something for you. Know how many times each zodiac falls in love.


Aries is all about loving themselves, their families, and friends. When this zodiac is in a relationship, they give their best in it. They see their future and the rest of their life with only that person. Their love is not short-termed. It’s a forever kind of feeling. They will fall in love only once in life. This is because they are not rushing for anything and will fall for someone only when they are confident.


The Taurus people are hopelessly romantic. This is because they fall for someone every other day. However, they know the difference between temporary love and a forever kind of. They know in front of whom should they kneel down and propose. Also, Taurus is aware of what a heartbreak feels like. Chances are that you will fall in love twice in your life. You fell for someone when you were too young and naïve and you will fall for someone again soon.


Sorry to say Gemini but when it comes to this beautiful feeling, you are like a little kid. Gemini gets excited and thinks they can have it all before you realize everything has vanished. They have a big heart that is overflown to give someone love away. Moreover, in every situation, you are picky and inconsistent as well. You are excellent skills of starting things but don’t know how to end them. Even if you say someone, I love you, you are not likely to stay with them forever. Hence, most likely you will fall for someone four times during your life. You forever usually means the time until you get bored.


As the cancer is said to be dreamers, they have dreamed of the day when they will find their true soulmate. These people put too much pressure on their relationships especially when they are new to it. This is because they want to enjoy and cherish each and every moment of falling in love. However, you take it easy on your partner and never force them to love you back. You are most likely to experience this wonderful feeling twice in your entire life. At the same time, remember not to blame yourself after the first breakup because you are going to find a big everlasting one but first you need to learn to love yourself.


This zodiac knows that youth is all about making memories. They like dating as many people as they could as they enjoy gatherings and trying out new things. Talking about love, they will always consider them young and will look for a true one until they find it. Their first love may not last as long as they thought. However, the second time when you will fall for someone, they will be more matured and know what are they looking for exactly.

Virgo’s love

Virgo knows the best how hard love is. There will be moments that you will cherish, but the time may also come when you want time for yourself. As a result, you will fight. However, love will always be a special feeling for you. You will fall in it only once and will make it work by hook or by crook. You are one who doesn’t give up easily. Virgo is the determined person and you know how to devote yourself to another challenge and face it boldly.


Libra has the biggest heart which is full of love up to the brim. You may fall for someone thrice or maybe even more but don’t get depressed because of it. However, you give your best in relationships. Also, you need to understand that love is something you need to work on every single day. Sometimes the ball can be in your court while sometimes not.

Scorpio’s love

They are passionate lovers but they block the road to their heart themselves. They tend to love someone but are focused on their future and will find other ways to convince themselves. The Scorpio is likely to fall for someone thrice. The first time, you will be childish and will give your heart to anyone. However, the second time you will find it a challenge of loving someone and in the final call, you will be matured and cautious.


Sagittarius can panic falling for someone for too long. Therefore, they are casual about their relationships. It doesn’t mean you don’t love anyone but you, in fact, spend a lot of your time worrying. Most likely, you will fall for someone four times and each one will be longer and deeper than the earlier one. Breakups are like a journey to true love for you and hence you are not afraid of it.

Capricorn’s love

Their eye is always on the big prize rather than small gifts. This means falling in love for you means spending entire life with him or her. You know life is short and how you should make most of it. You will fall in love once. You will be bossy in your relationships but that’s just because you actually care for your special one.


They often think of falling in love and are daydreaming. You like to think that you are the one who has a lot of love to give but you are compromising it with the time of being independent. You will experience it twice in your lifetime. The first time you may not be aware of what you want from a relationship however the second time you will have strong bonding.

Pisces’s love

Pisces has always been dreaming of the day when they will meet their soulmate. Though you might be a bit nervous that you will mess everything up when you will find true love. However, you will fall for someone just once but that will be the most beautiful feeling for you. You might take things slowly but you are aware that your partner will be with you forever.

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