Shy Zodiac Signs- They Text Well but Are Wallflower in Person

Shy zodiac signs

They express through text and enjoy being shy in person. These shy zodiac signs say more in messages than in face to face meetings.

If you thought you are the only person who goes into a social gathering and remains quiet, you are wrong. There are a few zodiac signs who can write a book in their texts. However, when it comes to having a conversation in person, they get all shy and awkward. The best part about being such a person is you come up with an amazing profile description online. Writing captions, sending messages, and creating funny texts are never hard for you.

However, when the situation occurs and they have to actually go out to see someone, it is quite a struggle to prepare what they have to say in a conversation. As they cannot express much from their face, they do it through messages.

Shy Zodiac Taurus (20th April to 20th May)

There is a deep connection between shyness and Taurus.

Taurus is a typical earth sign. Without much ado, we know how modest these people are. Despite just being sweet and benevolent to someone they are not very close, Taureans come across withdrawn. The thing about them is even when you think they are zoned out, they are absorbing things.

And since they remember almost everything, it’s nice to tune in through message, to say how things have been going, and whether you are looking forward to seeing the coming events. So, if by any chance you are going for a date with a Taurus, please remember their intensity with shyness is a benefit in dating.

Shy Zodiac Libra (23rd Sep to 22nd Oct)

Just between anybody and them, Librans are extremely good listeners.

You can always meet a Libra and wonder what is this person thinking. These people are too good and too shy to express anything they have in their hearts. You might see them debating over moral rights or glitches or humanity. However, it is impossible to see a Libra opening up in their first meeting. These are the type of person who believes in walking into relationships (any kind) like the turtle (from the rabbit & turtle story).

Besides, if you wish to have them interested in you, all you can do is be honest. However, they sense stupidity from miles. Thus, there is no chance that a Libra hangs out with a person who won’t get their feelings. They are the type of people who might just see you, leave the room and send you a beautiful text to explain how they felt about the meeting.

Shy Zodiac Pisces (19th Feb to 20th March)

Shyness is no strange thing to Pisces. These people wear layers of shyness that take people to take off gradually.

They are so shy in person that they might not allow themselves to have fun with anyone. Above this, they find it way too hard to express themselves in the face to face meetings. Even in the safest situation, they might just take a leave, stand outside and type a text to explain what they have in their minds. Similar to the fellow water sign Cancer, Pisceans find don’t truly understand how to express. However, when someone is very close to them, like their parents or friends, they are the most open people you will ever meet.

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