Zodiac Sign Who Don’t Date to Rebound


They handle heartbreaks like a pro. These zodiac signs don’t date to rebound.

Some zodiac signs just can’t deal with a breakup. Once they make efforts in a relationship and if it fails, the only thing they would do to calm down is REBOUND. According to expert Astrologers, some signs are most likely to have rebound to get over their past relationships. They move from one person to another in a moment. You will feel surprised to see them stressing over their breakup and a while later they might be in another cozy setting with someone else. Yes, for signs like Sagittarius, Scorpio, and Gemini it is no big deal.

On the other hand, there are a few signs for whom commitment means everything. They don’t believe in jumping from one person to another to have fun. Driving into another relationship right after a breakup is not their thing. Instead, they grow with every hurt. They take their time and start seeing another person when they should. And not when they desperately feel forlorn.

Let’s read who these signs are-

Cancer (21st June-22nd July)

Cancerians have their own theory of feelings. Especially, when it comes to love, not that they are choosy, but if they are not ready they won’t make a move. Cancer is a sign well-known for its emotional floods. However, these people know when and how much they have to let the flood spill on the ground. When they enter a relationship, they try to offer everything they embrace. On the other hand, even the other person leaves, they won’t try escapism. Either teary or hopeful, they will stand right there.

These people know to channel their emotions into better things. That’s a perk of being a Cancerian. Besides, for them rebound costs deliberation. Also, they don’t give up on people easily. So, in case their ex might come back, they won’t fall into a casual thing to hurt them.

Virgo (23rd Aug-22nd Sep)

Virgos are popular as the perfectionist. There is no scarcity of love shower when you date a Virgo. They hardly fall in love. However, when they do, they love hard.

As a result, they find it hard to get over a breakup. With time, they realize it is their time to do something much better with their time. For them, life is all work, no play. Virgo can simply flush the thought of a rebound without thinking twice. Therefore, the need of it slump easily their brain.

Virgo is not inclined to rebound. Especially because these people analyze a lot. For all the mental burdens that the separation has placed on them, they feel like taking a much-deserved break from dating. Further, they will find a perfect way to relax and that nothing better than by digging into their working life.

Capricorn (22nd Dec-19th Jan)

With a Capricorn, the chances of a rebound are rare.

Actually, very rare. A Capricorn doesn’t easily come up in front of people with their true emotions. They know to protect their heart. Even after a break-up, to kill the loneliness or ease the hurt, they won’t choose the path of casual or serious relationship too early.

Besides, it is a sign that believes in endurance. Once they see the rough road coming, they push the break and cross it slowly. No matter how tough it gets, they won’t change their path. It’s not what a Capricorn does. They believe in facing every crap bag that life has to offer.

For a Capricorn, when something is done, it’s done. They don’t try to turn it back. These marvelously practical people accept things. Moreover, they don’t need another sparkling thing or relationship to fill the depth of their past relationship.

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