Sixth Sense| 5 Ways To Develop It Spiritually

Sixth sence

Have you ever experienced something strange yet realistic? Like you are thinking of something and in another second it really happened or a dream came true. We usually experience a lot of intuitions in our subconscious mind that seem quite familiar but sometimes they confuse us. It might be the effect of our SIXTH SENSE which shows us these strange things or there is something in us which we still are unaware of. Maybe our mind wants us to find that particular thing and explore the reality of life and see the world is much bigger than we think?

We all know about the five basic senses which are sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. However, only a few of us are aware of our sixth sense, a connection to something bigger than our physical senses are able to perceive. The sixth sense is basically the universe inside our mind which governs out power and Psychic ability. The abilities our sixth sense are way more powerful and exciting than our basic five senses, it’s just we need to realize it.

Our sixth sense can often go undetected, but it is this sense which gives us access to our intuition, gut feelings, and psychic abilities. All living organisms have a sixth sense, it’s just we need to click on that button that open mind to explore this beautiful world. To understand what we are actually meant for.

So, in today’s article, I am going to tell you 5 simple steps by which you can open your sixth and see a spiritual change within yourself.

Listen to Yourself

If you really want to develop your sixth sense, the first and the foremost thing you need to do is to listen to yourself. Never ever underestimate yourself, you can do wonders. You are the king of your own kingdom so make your own decisions after discussing it with yourself. Listen to your inner intuitions by spending time with yourself. Always listen to heart and mind and after properly analyzing, then execute rest depends on God.

There is a simple logic, if you have not realized yourself, you will never achieve anything in life. Listen to everyone but do whatever you actually want. Spending time and listening to yourself is one of the best ways to open your sixth sense.

Focus On Vibes

Vibes are the ceratin intuitions or feelings which you get from the outside world. Like sometimes you met a person and suddenly you start feeling uncomfortable without any reason. This means that you are not getting positive vibes from that particular person. Never ever ignore these signals, at times our sixth sense comes into plays and gets us out of that particular situation.

Look around for positive vibes, focus on the positive aspects of life and make your mind open for everything. Receiving messages and alerts from the subconscious mind gives a strong sensation of the sixth sense which is soon going to develop in your mind.

Sixth sence and Mind

Pay Attention

Focus on even the smaller things around you, they are the sign of your sixth sense. Looking at a wider picture is good but if you have not collected the smaller things, it will all go in vain. Before executing something put all the elements together and pay attention to each one of them and then execute accordingly. Don’t let your Psychic power go unnoticed.

The more you notice and pay attention to the things, the more you will achieve. One of the most powerful ways for your sixth sense to speak to you is through so-called ‘coincidences.’ Whenever they happen to take notice and carefully listen to what it wants to say.

Go With The Flow

Here “Go With The Flow” doesn’t mean that you completely let go the things without paying attention. Here it means don’t ever try to change God’s creation rather change yourself to adapt his creation. God has created this beautiful universe for us and we are no one to question it. What is happening just adapt it with open arms and Go With The Flow, which is the basic rule of God.

Do what your mind says, it has better plans for you and it will automatically help you in achieving your goal. Your sixth sense will only power up when you are ready for it. Makeup your mind, accept the reality, follow God and just wait for the signals.

Keep a Diary

In older times, many people considered keeping a diary as their best friend in which they used to wite their feeling, thoughts, emotions etc. If you really want to activate your sixth sense maintain a diary and jot down your all emotions, thoughts, feelings, intuitions, dreams in it. This combination of memories will stay with you for life long and will always make you realize that you are much stronger than you think.

Developing sixth sense is like learning something new in which you have taught yourself through various signals from your mind. So, when you have successfully witched on your sixth sense you will see everything beautiful and you will get thousands of reasons to explore more.

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