Social Distancing- 6 Tips to Maintain Physical and Mental Health

Social Distancing- 6 Tips to Maintain Physical and Mental Health

Everyone tend to quiver during this situation of the pandemic. As COVID-19 has shaken people from their roots, we are all praying for a cure and end to this. Amid the virus outbreak, we need crouch down and accept social distancing. However, we must not let it make us lazy and unproductive. In this scenario, being active is as important as being at home. It will save you from further health issues that unproductive isolation might create.

So, here are 6 tips to maintain physical and mental health during social distancing-

Discover Good Music

Music is not just rhythm and words. It is just another name of feelings. There is nothing in this world that good music can’t fix. Especially if you are an introvert and have a connection with any art form, you can feel the above line. However, if you are an extrovert, you know how to discover some good music.

So, during the social distancing, find some good music. Chill on the new rhythms. From romantic to rock, jazz to pop, and classical to spiritual let the music soothe your soul.

Practice Yoga

To maintain both mental and physical health, there is nothing better than Yoga. Especially, if you are a “fitness freak”, practicing yoga at home is the best option for you. It will accumulate stress and set you free from all the tensions.

Also, if you recently joined a gym and now cannot go outside, yoga can be a real life-saver for you. Yoga enhances flexibility, increases muscle strength, helps in better breathing, helps preserve energy & stamina, and maintains metabolism. Thus, it can give you amazing results in social distancing. You can flaunt a better s version of yourself once the quarantine ends.

Reorganize Your Space

Look at your closet and your shelves, do you think it is the time to make some changes? It is never a bad time to rearrange everything and make a fresh order. It keeps vitality and newness in your home. So, amid quarantine situations, use your energy to add a lot more positivity and freshness in your room.

Shower the Longed Love on Family

In addition to making your mental and physical health stable, you must concentrate on your family. Either you are a student or a job person, in our regular life we all forget to give proper attention to the people we love the most.

As this social distancing and quarantine situation has bestowed you an opportunity to stay at home for a long time, utilize it. You can cook meals with them. If you are a student, participate with your parents in daily life work. Help them fix things in your house. Make them play your favorite games with you. Teach them things you know and they don’t. Help them connect with technological things better. However, if you are married and have kids, play with them. Cook their favorite meal. Perhaps you may consider waking your wife or husband with a bed tea and kiss.

Watch Your Favorite Films

Remember there was this Drama you really wanted to watch but then, you couldn’t make time.

Cinema is a blessing that offers an escape from tough times. It gives a chance to forget all the problems and immerse in a world that has fun, challenge, and a happy ending. So, in this tough time, give yourself a chance to enjoy your favorite films. Or maybe you can watch a new one or start a series.

Here are a few suggestions- Best Films or Best Series on Netflix to watch right now

In addition to this, if you are a bookworm, you know which books you can finish.

Connect With Your Friends on Video/Call

If you are a person who has been in an office job for more than a while, you must know the gap between you and your friends. At times, we all get busy to make a proper call to our friends. So, take advantage of this social distancing time and give them a ring. Discuss your heart out with them. Ask them about their schedules. Share the above advice with them. Also, let them know you care for them. Do gossip, tell stories, and don’t let the social distancing create any more distance between you & them.

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