Some Common Good and Bad Omen in India

Some Common Good and Bad Omen in India

Undoubtedly, India is a land of traditions. But, with traditions, there are many superstitions as well. Indian people believe in omens. They consider some as good omen while the others are highly inauspicious. It is something which is being followed in India for centuries. The omens like a black cat crossing one’s way or falling of a lizard are very common. However, these are not the only two. In India, there are many omens and some common ones are here. Read on to know some common good and bad omens prevalent in India.

Good omens

  • While leaving for a trip, if someone sees a married lady with flowers on her head and sindoor on her forehead, it is a good omen. It is a symbol that the trip is going to be successful.
  • Seeing an elephant on your way is considered auspicious. The elephant is symbolic of Lord Ganesha and hence people believe that one gets success in seeing the sight of an elephant.
  • Moreover, seeing a peacock on the way to your destination is also lucky.
  • Another superstition which is very very common is if you see a crow cawing outside your home, some guests will visit your home for sure.
  • The curd and sugar are all we are aware of. Eating curd and sugar before heading for an exam or any other auspicious work brings success in the work.
  • When talking to someone in your home, if you hear the sound of lizard in your home then it is a good omen. It means that the other person is speaking the truth.
  • The power of dreams is also significant in India. Dreaming about gods, goddesses, auspicious animals, demons, or any other auspicious thing is considered good.
  • Moreover, if you see a while cow and a calf in the morning then be happy, the day will be in your favor.
  • A pot full of water, a mirror, a light, a pair of fish, turmeric, and flag, all are considered highly auspicious to witness. If you see any of them in the morning, then it will bring good luck to you.
  • Many Indians also look at their hands in the morning while praying to Lord. They believe our fingertips contain goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati is in the middle, and goddess Parvati resides in the palm. Hence, it is lucky for them to start their day with this.
  • Falling of a lizard on someone is also a good omen and can predict the future.

Bad omen

  • A black cat crossing your way is a very bad omen in a country like India. Especially, when you are going to start something new and this happens then people don’t commit the new task
  • Seeing a woman who cannot conceive and a widow, both are bad omens in a country like India.
  • Also, a married woman or an unmarried girl should not wear white-colored clothes while attending the wedding. It is considered highly inauspicious.
  • Moreover, one should not sweep the floor of one’s home at night. It is a bad omen in India.
  • The twitching of a woman’s left eye and the right eye of a man is another symbol that is believed to be a bad omen.
  • Shaking one’s leg is also inauspicious in India. People believe in doing so one may lose his wealth and prosperity.
  • A stuck clock is a symbol of wealth not flowing in one’s life. Therefore, Indian people always take care that all clocks in their homes are working.
  • It is strange, but actually some people believe that flat feet are unlucky.
  • Falling of a picture, breaking of glass, or blowing off of a burning lamp causes a fearful situation for Indian people. They believe it a sign that something inauspicious is going to happen soon.
  • Indian people also prevent walking under a ladder as people believe that it brings down one’s career.
  • Cutting nails or washing hairs on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday is generally avoided as Indian people believe it is not good. Also, people avoid shaving these days.

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