Important Vastu tips for kitchen- Make Your Kitchen Perfect

Some important Vastu tips for kitchen

The kitchen is the place where the food gets cooked. Well, it’s not merely the food but actually the vibes as well. From ancient times, people say the vibes of the kitchen, and the chef is transferred to the food we eat. Hence, it is important to maintain positive energy in the kitchen. The Vastu Shastra has always come to rescue whenever there is any chaos regarding the home. Today also it is no behind. Here are a few Vastu tips mentioned below that can be fruitful and can bring you good luck. Be it oven or a refrigerator, placement of everything matters. So, read on to know the correct direction to place ea h appliance and many other such tips.

Placement of Gas stove

The stove should be placed in the southeast corner of the kitchen. As it is a fire element, hence it should be placed in the corner where the lord of fire exists. Also, one should always cook facing towards the east and therefore has stove should also be placed towards the east. Moreover, if the cook of the house faces west while cooking, it could bring some serious health issues in the family. Also, facing the south may bring financial problems. It is also important to ensure that there is no cupboard above the stove as it is a place for the chimney.

South East

As per Vastu Shastra, Agni i.e. the lord of fire resides in the southeast corner of one’s home. Hence, it is the ideal corner for the placement of the kitchen. However, if anyhow it is not possible then you can build it in the northeast as well.

Refrigerator in the Kitchen

There are four suitable directions for this cooling equipment as per Vastu. One can place it in the southeast, south, west, or in the north direction. However, if you can’t a suitable place for it in the Southwest, make sure to leave some space from the corner to bring good luck and fortune.

Exhaust fans and windows

Vastu Shastra says that there should be one or two windows in the kitchen at least. It can be large as we a small one. But, it should be facing east. If you are finding a place for a ventilator, you can count on the south direction. The more ventilated your kitchen, the better will it be.

Utensils in the kitchen

If construction as per Vastu is important, the storage and placement are also crucial the same way. It is an important part of the kitchen as we store grains, food, utensils, and everything else without a mess. The storage cupboards should be there on the southern and western walls of the kitchen. One should also avoid placing them in the east and north walls. However, the clutter-free arrangement should be made.


Water filters, water bottles, or any other water storage vessels are the water elements of the home. Also, for the water elements there can be no better place than the northeast.

Wall colors for the kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen walls, vibrant colors are preferred. One can go for vibrant colors like yellow, rose, green, red, chocolate, and orange.

Electronic appliances

In the modern world where everything is modern, the kitchen should also be modern, Right?  All the appliances like microwave, oven, heaters are a must. However, these all are related to fire somehow and hence should be placed in the Southeast direction. Also, one should avoid keeping them in the northeast.

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