Stars of Kim Jong-un- Here’s What Makes Him So Powerful

Stars of Kim Jong-un- Here's What Makes Him So Powerful

Kim Jong-un is the supreme leader of North Korea and has been leading his country since 2013. He was born on the 08th of January, 1984. The family of Kim Jong has been ruling the country of North Korea for decades. The Kim family started their rule in the country of North Korea after achieving freedom from Japan in 1945. Thus, the stars of Kim Jong-un made him the leader of the country in the year 2013.

Kim Jong-Un as the Leader

A personality like Kim Jong-Un isn’t made they are born. The family has been ruling the country since their Independence and it is the only family which is been ruling the country for decades. The present leader of North Korea was born to Kim Jong-il. The Father of Kim Jong-Un leads North Korea during the period between 1994 and 2011. He was the grandson of Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea.

The present leader of North Korea belongs to the Moon sign of Aquarius. The people of Aquarius are popular for their leadership qualities. This might also be the reason for the leadership that we are watching inside him. The clan of Kim Jong-Un has been North Korea for decades and this is also the reason for the quality of leadership in the present leader of Kim Jong-un.

His horoscope makes him even more powerful

The horoscope of Kim Jong-Un describes that the work happening at a steady pace will give un satisfaction to him. He wants the work to happen at a faster pace and desires the result to be shown in a short interval. The delay in the proceedings angers the leader of North Korea and this is the reason for the anger we see in him.

The financial status of Kim Jong-Un describes that he owns a stable financial condition. He is known not to spend much of money and this makes him a tight-fisted person. It is likely to see that he will be successful in his future financial endeavors and thus will make him financially even more powerful in the future.

Stars of Kim Jong-un and His Marriage Life

Coming to his personal life, the leader is seen to enjoy his personal life and thus will be giving more priority to personal life than his professional one. He is likely to retire early from his tenure and thus will be seen spending most of his time with family and friends. His marriage life will have a smooth run as he has got a loving and very supportive wife. The horoscope of Kim Jong-Un matches very well with his wife and this is the reason for the happiness in his married life.

The President is likely to face health issues from 2020 to 2023. Thus, it becomes very important on his part to be careful, and during this time interval. Overall, the President will have a happy tenure and will equally have a balanced personal life making him successful both on personal and professional fronts. Thus, the stars of Kim Jong-un make him a supreme flag bearer of his country.

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