Suicidal Tendencies in the Birth Chart- Learn Before It’s Late


Mental health is an important concern. We all ignore it but it makes us weak gradually. There are many stressful situations in life that can drive a person to grow suicidal tendencies and take a harmful step of suicide. But we all need to understand that suicide is never the solution to whatever you are facing. As it is said, “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem”. Our life is crucial, the way we are able to get up after sleep, we are able to breathe, how our brain functions for 24 hours a day, these all things are nothing less than a miracle. The day when we start gratifying the importance of our existence is the day we know life is beautiful. There is always a way out to problems you are facing. Suicide is also known as an offense towards God.

Looking at suicidal tendencies in the birth chart in the one way of knowing about this issue. This is one step where you can get aware of a person’s mental state and influences of planets. It can act very beneficial, you can actually save your loved ones from having unhealthy mental health. People tend to be under depression and sadness when they have a lot of elements of water in their birth chart. There are many other hints that you can follow to check the mental health of a person.

Suicidal Tendencies and Mental State through the birth chart

  • With strong water elements, a person can be very emotional in life. He has a tendency to get emotional frequently. It gets difficult for him to accept hard times and work calmly during that time.
  • The 6th house of the birth chart deals with disease, enemies, and slavery, etc. It is a very suitable house to determine happiness in the life of a person.
  • Sometimes, forceful transformation can leave a person really weak. The 8th house of the chart indicates accidents, secrets, magic, and death. Studying it is helpful to understand a person’s hidden thoughts.
  • When it comes to end of life the 12th house plays a major role. It generally is about sub-conscious areas and losing interest in materialistic things. It is a reality check to one’s existence.
  • Combust or Retrograde planets should be analyzed in detail. This is because they have a sudden and deep impact on one’s life. Their unfavorable placement is very harmful. It can lead to irreparable damages.
  • If the person’s Ascendant sign is weak it should be curred under special astrological guidance to have stressless life.
  • Self-inflicted death is often related to transiting planets. They should be kept in check.
  • The 8th house can tell you about the medium of death and also timings. This is interconnected with lords of the 2nd and 7th houses.

Planetary Influence in dealing with Mental Health

Sun– Sun is your soul. It is your inner-self. The favorable position of the sun in your birth chart can make your life full of worth and self-confidence. The strong sun can get you away with other dispositioned planets. When it comes to mental health, the sun plays a pivotal role. After unfortunate events, you won’t be able to buckle yourself up easily if you have a bad Sun.

Moon– If Sun is our soul then the moon is our mind. Our emotional balance and mood swings are totally proportional to the position of mood in our astrological chart. It also governs a person’s nature. Hence, any problem with the emotional system of a person is due to the negative impact of the moon.

Mercury– There are certain situations in life where you have to process your actions after analyzing things. It demands you to apply reasoning and logic. If one loses this ability due to the harmful impact of Mercury then he can seriously harm himself out of his actions.

Mars– We know the importance of the 8th house and Mars is the governor of this house. Not only this, but your will is also expressed through Mars. If the will wants to follow self-destruction then Mars will follow. This planet can make a person derive from suicide. You should take care of negative energy from this planet.

Venus– This can make a person suicidal due to distrust in a partnership or romantic relationship. Poor Venus can cause big disagreements between two people.

Jupiter- Jupiter is our Guru. He teaches us like our teacher. Also, he is a ruler of the 12th house. It brings a person in the after-death stage. For eg- self-killing believing things like a special place in Heaven. It is often lead by religious untrue beliefs.

Saturn– Suicide is an unnatural death. Saturn talks about longevity, maturity, and aging. Weak Saturn can result in a negative impact on these fields of life. A strong Saturn is your healthy life and weak Saturn is its opposite.

Things you can do for taking care of your Mental Health

  • Use water as a mode of meditation. For eg. you can take bath a with water flowing your body, feel all negative energies going away. Drink a glass of water thinking that it is an elixir and that can bring you peace.
  • Drink fresh water frequently and this will help you in staying healthy and fresh.
  • Try short naps when you feel heavy and don’t feel like doing anything.
  • Get head and body massage in order to pamper yourself.
  • Write your emotions and thoughts down. It will help you in releasing your pain.
  • Talk about your feelings to someone you care or you can also consult a doctor or an expert astrologer.
  • Practice breathing exercises. This will make your mind strong.
  • Interact with nature, wake up early, listen to birds chirping, enjoy looking at trees and flowers, sit beside a lake, etc.

Suicide is never an option. This transfers your pain to your family and loved ones. We all know pain is not always to deal with easily. But there are many other things to feel good about. Life is beautiful and you should not waste it being sad and stressful. Death is a natural phenomenon. We should never make things go unnatural. It can drastically affect you and your family.

These were some important details about Suicidal Tendencies. Further, you may like reading A Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput- Heart Talk


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