A Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput- Heart Talk

A Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput- Heart Talk

I had never been a die-hard fan of dramatic television serials and I’m still not. The only serial that stole my heart is ‘Pavitra Rishta’ and it will always remain close to my heart. Your acting was the mere reason and you will always acquire a special place in the corner of my heart and in my childhood too.

A commendable actor

I remember those days when we used to wait for the clock to strike nine to have our dinner. I was eleven then and in fact, in those days, it had become an official dinner time of many families. No, Don’t get mistaken it with the discipline of our family or some traditions. The mere reason was this serial which used to telecast on television at nine. This was not just a daily show but emotion and the heart of the audience. You know, no doubt the show was hit but it was you who made hit super hit. Undoubtedly, you made a fantastic start and won the hearts with your performance in the popular show ‘Pavitra Rishta’ and ‘Kis Desh me Hai Mera Dil’.

Entry in the Bollywood

You were a star and not merely meant to for the television screens. Your destiny and stars had planned something else for you. Your entrance in the Bollywood industry is what left us all surprised. We all were happy and I am glad you made a comeback with a lot more than our expectations. The film 2013 was made even more special because of the film ‘Kai Po Che.’ The movie M.S Dhoni and Chichhore are what stole my heart and soul and my eyes could see you becoming the next superstar. Little did I know God has some other plans for you.

The Tragic Incident

While writing this, a vivid flashback of eight years back is running through my mind. I can see myself laying the mat and my Mumma preparing dinner in the kitchen. The bell rings, and papa too returned home after a hectic day. Bhai is all done with his studies and we are sitting in front of the television waiting for the clock to strike nine, waiting to see you.
You were not merely an actor but the childhood of many. Not only were you my favorite, but you were even a constant source of motivation for me. On opening my WhatsApp in the noon, when I saw a note ‘Rest in peace’  along with your photo in my friend’s WhatsApp status, that left me shattered. I felt like a piece of my childhood breaking and a beautiful memory fading. It pains to see another great star departing from this world.

Heart Talk

Giving one after the other hits, you were on the apex at least on the apex of the hearts of many.  Reading this news of your suicide, I wonder do all the stars have something that is eating them up from inside. Were you so depressed and hiding it with a fake smile? You left so early, the world was waiting to see more of your wonders. I am startled why don’t people share their heart, is the world really so hollow? Now, all we can do is pray for your soul. I read the news and confirmed it almost a hundred times but my heart is still refusing to believe. I can sense a wave running through my heart, a wave full of questions, a wave of emotions, and a wave of sadness.

Rest in peace, Sushant Singh Rajput
The world will miss you.

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