K-Pop star Sulli found dead at home in South Seoul

Former f(x) star Sulli reportedly found dead in her apartment. Police told that her manager found the 25 years old died at her home in Sujeong-gu, Seongnam in the Gyeonggi province of South Korea. “Her manager visited her place the night before, after failing to reach her on call,” Seoul police said in a statement.

 The South Korean police have confirmed her death, Korean media reported. The cause of death is not yet clear, but reports are labeling it as a possible suicide. “Choi used to live alone in her house”, A police official said, “It seems that she took her own life but we are also looking into other possibilities”.

We, the team of Astrotalk sends our prayers and condolences to Sulli‘s loved ones during this difficult time.

Life Story of K-pop star Sulli

Sulli died

The ex f(x) girl band member whose real name was Choi Jin-ri, suspended her singing career after struggling with cyberbullying. She returned to acting the following year but left f(x). Sulli had spoken out about online abuse and was reportedly battling severe depression.
She first came into fame in the year 2005 aged just 11, when she played young princess Seonhwa of Silla in the SBS drama Ballad Of Seodong. It was not a very big role but her talent was clearly visible. Later in the same year, Sally did a cameo in another show titled “Love Needs a Miracle”.

Sulli’s Journey with Music [f(x)]

The blossoming star then started getting more acting gigs and she made her film debut with the 2007 film ”Punch lady”. The film didn’t work really well, but, in dribs and drabs, more roles started pouring for her. In the year 2008, Choi got herself occupied with her musical band group named “f(x)”. During that period, she accomplished heights and is still known as the ex-member of that band more than any of her movies. 

The young girl witnessed tremendous success during her days with the band. But unfortunately, in her personal life, she hit the rock bottom. She was dealing with severe cyberbullying which resulted in her quitting her musical journey.

Sulli’s Journey with depression

The singer has been vocal about her struggles with the trolling. She became utterly exhausted from the constant, insensitive comments and fake stories. Hence the singer shared her desire, to take a break from her celebrity activities, for the time being. She left the band for good in the year 2015.

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Even after she left the f(x), the vicious trolls didn’t stop. The BA:BO star opened up on her experience of anxiety and panic in her reality show Jinri Store, broadcasted in the year 2018. Sulli says, “Social phobia, panic disorder- I’ve had panic disorder ever since I was young. There were times when close people- some of my closest friends have left me. People hurt me, so everything fell apart. I didn’t feel like I had anyone on my side or anyone who could understand me. So that’s why I completely fell apart.”

Social Media Trolling taking a toll on Salli’s Mental Health

 In an Instagram live video, she asks, “I am not a bad person. Why are [they] talking bad about me? Tell me one thing I did to deserve this.”

Earlier in October itself, she was in the headlines for a wardrobe malfunction. She was getting her hair and makeup done in an Instagram live broadcast, wearing a loose robe that revealed her breasts. 

When some fans asked why she went bra-less, she said, “I don’t get what’s wrong? This is personal freedom.” she masked the gloomy side of herself with a cheerful, confident facade.

Not long ago, she was shooting for an episode of “Night of Malicious Comments”. In the show, celebrities discuss the topic of malicious comments that are rampant on the internet and on the social media platform. She states, “I think everyone had a different side to them.”

She adds, “The real (me) has a darker side, but the celebrity Sulli always has to act like she’s cheerful. 

K-pop fans are extremely disheartened by the news of her death, while her name is trending worldwide on Twitter.

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